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What to do in Chiang Mai – 3 interesting things to do in Chiang Mai

Bathing elephants is an unforgotten experience in Chiang Mai

If you are planning to travel in Thailand in the next time, you should not miss chance to visit Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai offers plenty of interesting things to do in the way of cooking classes, temple visits, street food, and culture. Below are 3 good suggestions for visitors who are considering what to do

What to see in Siem Reap

Visit the Angkor temples

Your visit to Siem Reap cannot complete without visiting the Angkor Wat, but you should not ignore the other parts of this beautiful town, which play an important role in bringing the charm of this historical area to all of tourists. Travel Indochina Cambodia Apart from the famous temples, from jungle adventures to vibrant culture

Where to visit in Thailand

Lu La Sakeo

Nothing had doubts about Thailand is gradually becoming one of the hottest names of Southeast Asian tour. Good food, cheap, interesting culture, vibrant Bangkok and the seaside city hot … that is what we may think about when asked about Thailand. But beyond the beautiful beaches and Bangkok, the Thailand there are compelling what? Here

Best shopping in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Being Thailand’s handicraft center, Chiang Mai is surrounded by factories and workshops where you can see crafts people at work before buying or even learning the craft yourself. These are generally frequented by wholesale buyers. Travel Indochina Thailand Chiang Mai Night Bazaar The main venue for shopping in Chiang Mai, indeed all of Thailand, the

Top beaches in Thailand

Kata and Karon beach

In Thailand there are 3 types of beach you should consider before you arrived. First is the beautiful beaches, unspoiled with affordable, the second is where there are soft but not priced hotels near the shopping area, eating cheap, eventually cluster beaches suitable for you resort and of course , relatively expensive room rates. Indochina

Best restaurant in Yangon

Famous grilled crab at restaurant

Myanmar opened in recent years, is considered a potential market of tourism. Tourist arrivals to Myanmar more, so the system of services related to accommodation are also investing more and more. Systems restaurants, hotels sprang up bristling from the hotel restaurant to the most affordable luxury hotel restaurant. Indochina travel Myanmar Minn Lan Rakhine Seafood