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Southeast Asia Backpacker Index for 2017

Luang Prabang

Once getting to Southeast Asia, you will have no difficulty finding most of the best travel bargain cities, not only in Southeast Asia but also in the world. Let’s check out all of the major tourist cities re-ranked again for the 2017 travel year, and in many wonderful places, prices remain amazingly low. Best Indochina

The Train Rides Up To Sapa, North Vietnam

Hanoi Railway Station

Sapa is so beautiful in the eyes of the foreign visitors – from the mountainous towns, the breathtaking landscapes surrounding to the memorable trekking experience. Let’s head for the hills and capture such amazing scenic moments by taking a train to ride up to Sapa, North Vietnam. It usually takes you about 9 hours from

Saigon’s Street Food Guide

What to eat at a local eatery in The Island complex

There are clusters of crumbling ancient apartment complexes throughout Ho Chi Minh City, which all are on the verge of either demolition or collapse. In these large, grey, concrete buildings, living conditions are fairly uncomfortable, grim and cramped. However, life outside – on the streets and alleyways between the concrete blocks – is rich and

How to travel from Hanoi to Cuc Phuong national park

Hiking in Cuc Phuong national park

Cuc Phuong national park is one of the very first national parks in Vietnam. Located 120 South-West from Hanoi, Cuc Phuong national park is the land of wild animals, flora and fauna. It is a perfect choice for a day trip, and you can stay there overnight if you wish to, as the area is

Travel from Mandalay to Bagan by boat

A boat journey from Mandalay to Bagan provides a closer glimpse into river life

In Myanmar, travelling by boat between these destinations can be a genuine alternative to the train or bus and allow travelers to catch a closer glimpse into the river life; to mix with the locals and take in spectacular sunsets over stupa-lined river banks. For more information about Mandalay, you can click: Indochina travel \One

How to get to Cu Chi Tunnels

A tour to Cu Chi Tunnel

Cu Chi Tunnels is a complex system of tunnels created by the inventiveness and smartness of Vietnamese people during Vietnamese-American war. For this reason, many travelers desire to explore the inside of these tunnels’ complex. Then, “How to get from Ho Chi Minh City to Cu Chi Tunnels” is a question given out. The information

Pu Luong – The charming of The Northwest mountains region

The water wheel still circulates all day and night in Pu Luong

About 80 km away from Mai Chau, Pu Luong is an ideal place for tourists to explore the rustic, pristine beauty of the Northwest mountains. Pu Luong is located in Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc districts of Thanh Hoa province, which was established in 1999 with an area of 17,662 ha. Of which 13,320 ha

How to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho

Impressive image of Can Tho

Located about a 3 hour drive away from Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon, Can Tho is easily accessed on your own. Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho by bus Using bus service is the best way to cover the distance of 167km from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho. There are buses leaving daily