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Boat trip on Mekong Delta

Com Lam

Mekong Delta is well-known for its rivers, canals, waterways crossing and interlacing each other that only with a small boat can tourists have access to every single corner in the area. Taking a boat trip drifting on Mekong Delta cruise promises travelers with relaxing time. Also, travelers can have a chance to enjoy fresh fruits

Thac Ba National Lake – a “Halong” in the mountainous Northern region of Vietnam

Com Lam

Located in both Yen Binh and Yen Yen districts in Yen Bai province, Thac Ba Lake was formed when local people dammed the Chay River up to build the first Thac Ba hydroelectric plant in the North. In 1996, Thac Ba Lake was recognized as a national monument. Travel to Yen Bai with: Indochina tours

Sapa – destination for your International Day trip

A panorama of Sapa town center

The International Day is right at the corner and if you haven’t had any plan of where to get away, Sapa (Lao Cai province) is definitely worth a visit. Sapa, a frontier township lying at the height of about 1600m above the sea level offers numerous hidden values that visitors are always eager to discover.

Some destination in Hanoi you must visit

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre Thang Long Municipal theatre, located in the heart of Hanoi is the most revered performance house even though water puppetry is now performed across Vietnam and even tours the world. Involving from 7 to 11 puppeteers who have been trained for at least three years, the performances are accomplished with

Sapa in September- the meeting place of Earth and Heaven

Terraced field is a form of cultivation on sloping land

There is nothing greater than walking up in Vietnam imposing highland scenery. The French were the very first people who come Sapa by train. They search a land with a temperate climate, peaceful and separated place from hasten and animated Hanoi. Sapa originated from the words “Xapa” in Chinese means the sand. Tours Vietnam and

The Old Quarter- the soul of Hanoi

Ca Tru at Kim Ngan Temple

When mentioning Hanoi, the Old Quarter is the first thing comes to tourist’s mind. Throughout great 1000 years history, Hanoi’s the Old Quarter has changed a lot but it still remains its ancient beauty. Now the Old Quarter is impressive place to discover with bustling streets and historical values. Setting your foot in the Old

Reasons why Ho Chi Minh City is on top of your dreaming destinations

À Ố Show

In spite of being a hot, noisy, dynamic city that never sleeps, Ho Chi Minh City, which was formally known as Saigon, remains a complex history and unique culture to soak up. There are many reasons why this Southern Vietnamese gem on top of your dreaming destinations. Tours in Indochina Scooter tours In a city