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Full of interesting night activities in Hanoi
When the last ray of daylight come out, the city lights up and transforms into a vibrant nightlife with busy boutiques. Many tourists have lamented about the exciting activities including tasting street food, walking around Old Quarter, Karaoke bars, sidewalk lemon tea and beer, night market…Enjoy best night life in Hanoi with: mekong eyes cruise

Lively night life in Hanoi

Lively night life in Hanoi- source: internet

Animated lemon tea and beer streets

For Hanoians, lemon tea, beer on sidewalks is an indispensable part in their daily activities, it becomes constant habit making an unique culture feature of the youngsters. One of the most attractive spots is Lemon Tea Shop at Nhà Thờ Street (Trà Chanh Nhà Thờ for short). This is an ideal place for anybody wanting to feel the best night life. People can gather, talk and drink  glasses of lemon tea, bite sunflower seeds.

Crowded night life on Tạ Hiện Street

Crowded night life on Tạ Hiện Street- source: internet

Meanwhile, many brasseries on Tạ Hiện Street (also known as Beer Street or West Street) attract a crowd of people from everywhere, particularly foreigners. Notably, at weekend all transport vehicles are prohibited in the whole Old Quarter including Tạ Hiện. Therefore, it becomes lively walking street. Along the street are adjacent shops, offering a wide range of services such as mini bar, live music café, food and beverage … Enjoying the vibrant music, drinking beer, eating fried potatoes, spring rolls, grilled squid and chatting with friends are wonderful experiences here. You can read more: tripadvisor mekong river cruises

Night Market

On the weekend nights, people wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off  Hàng Đào – Đồng Xuân. It becomes a famous amusing and shopping place for not only Hanoians but also international visitors. It is also walking streets with hundreds of stalls selling clothes, jewelry, souvenir, fruit and snacks… with affordable price. Đồng Xuân is the best market in Hanoi and the largest wholesale market in North Vietnam. It would be an interesting idea to enjoy night life in Hanoi by walking around all the stalls of Đồng Xuân Market and picking gifts to bring back home for relatives or friends.

Come to Hàng Đào – Đồng Xuân Market to experience the best night life in Hanoi

Come to Hàng Đào – Đồng Xuân Market to experience the best night life in Hanoi- source: internet

Karaoke singing with Vietnamese style

Karaoke originated in Japan in the 1980s and has been popular in Asian countries since the 1990s, including Vietnam. Coming to Hanoi, people can easily find the best karaoke bars, temporarily forget their life problems and feel relaxing by mixing with melodies along with friends and relatives. When singing, people often sip beer with a little candy and fruit and dance with their own free styles. Karaoke is the most crowded at night but not open over 12pm.

Enjoy Karaoke at night in Hanoi

Enjoy Karaoke at night in Hanoi- source: internet

Hồ Gươm (Gươm Lake)

In the midst of a hustle and bustle of Hanoi life, there is a place where living pace is slower, gentle, peaceful and romantic – Hồ Gươm (Gươm Lake) when Hanoi lights up.

The space around Hồ Gươm is not too large but enough to contain the activities of the local people and visitors. The lake is the place people living nearby choose to do exercise in the morning; is an attractive tourists destination, where the portrait artists create beautiful pictures; where Turtle Tower, Ngọc Sơn Temple, Thê Húc Bridge sparkling on the water.

Full of interesting night activities in Hanoi

Full of interesting night activities in Hanoi- source: internet

Walking around Hanoi, you will be amazed at the change of the city at night. If you do not know how to experience the best night life in Hanoi, just go outside, wander around and spend time discover all streets of this old city. A romantic space at night is full of interesting activities for you to enjoy.

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