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Cambodia trip by Tuk Tuk

Driver a tuk tuk in Cambodia

Roamed the streets to explore Cambodia Tuk Tuk on the charming car will bring you a lot of fun . However, to be a smooth trip, and have new experiences, unforgettable, you should apply the following tips when you want to use this unique transportation.

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Tuk tuk in Cambodia

Tuk tuk in Cambodia- source: internet

Please signal when want to catch a Tuk Tuk car

Tuk Tuk is often used to serve tourists, so whether you are a first-time visitors to Cambodia, you will not be too difficult to catch a Tuk Tuk. Typically, Tuk Tuk drivers are quick to find customers, they will honk or say “Hello” when tourists discovered. However, if you are in need of Tuk Tuk ride you please start the car signaled by abducting an arm, to palm facing down, then shook the fingers or wrist, then there will be more cars to compete for your service.

Remember to bargain before boarding Tuk Tuk

Bargain before tuk

Bargain before tuk -source: internet

Tuk Tuk car no money as a taxi meter, so before boarding you should agree on a price with the driver if you do not want to pay a lot of money away. Most of the taxi drivers is quite good at English communication, so you feel free to bargain, if they feel the price is not reasonable questions or you can find another car. If you go the distance from 1 – 3 km cost about 1 -2 USD, an Angkor tour costs around 15 USD.

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Be careful with the car driver Tuk Tuk scam

Each country has the real ingredients, tourist scam exists everywhere. Scammers will example visitors to ride with very cheap prices but will then take you to the gem store or sewing shop, where they will cause you a lot of pressure to buy something to get commissions from shop owners. Thus, if the price goes too high, no low-too, but then you should also reconsider.

Say place names, not the name of the driver line

Tourists on tuk tuk

Tourists on tuk tuk -source: internet

Driver Tuk Tuk Those not fluent in street names and addresses that will want to proficiency popular destinations hon.Vi fin, when you want to temples or nearby market was quickly you tell them that you want to place names to let alone address them.

Stay away from the Tuk Tuk precedes attractions

Driver a tuk tuk in Cambodia

Driver a tuk tuk in Cambodia- source: internet

You should catch the Tuk Tuk off the road before you should catch the car ahead or the sights because the price of the car is often quite expensive.

Keep careful baggage and personal items

Tuk Tuk These vehicles usually have open space, there is no shielding screen, you should hold tightly luggage and personal items if the bad guys are not taking advantage of loopholes crossing robbed. You absolutely should not use the camera or smartphone to take pictures or play games while sitting on the car because it is easy to lose.

If you can experience the Tuk Tuk ride is very safe, car Tuk Tuk relatively slow speed so you will not worry too much about the accident has occurred or not. However, when the Tuk Tuk ride will not guarantee avoiding dust, hot weather in Cambodia. Generally, you will not have the safety and cool air conditioning as pure taxi ride.

Tuk tuk in Cambodia

Tuk tuk in Cambodia -source: internet

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