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Stunning festival in Siem Reap

Khmer New Year celebration

As being the stunning gateway city to the Angkor temples, one of the world-renowned heritages, Siem Reap is considered as one of the best tourist destinations in South East Asia. Siem Reap has become a fast-emerging tourist magnet of Cambodia thanks to its strategic location and really charming ambiance.  What creates the unique charm of

The best areas to stay in Phnom Penh

Hotel in Chamkar Mon

Not only being the biggest city in Cambodia, Phnom Penh, the capital city, is also a popular destination of tourists coming to Cambodia. As having the most iconic and must-see tourist attractions in the city, these two areas of Daun Penh and Chamkar Mon are the best areas to stay in Phnom Penh. Besides the

Where to visit beyond Sapa

Ethnic people in Lai Chau

Sapa, which is the wonderful combination of uniquely ethnic minority groups culture, pristine nature and harmonious weather, is certainly one of the most famous tourist attractions in northern Vietnam. However, that is also the reason why this small town attracts both domestic and foreign tourists all the time. There are still many others for consideration

Bus service in Hoi An

Bus service in Hoi An

Being one of the most famous cities of the Central Vietnam, Hoi An, the world heritage of Vietnam, is a popular destination among travelers visiting this area. To reach Hoi An, you can go by motorbike, private car and bus as well. And bus service in Hoi An together with how to go to this

Flights to Siem Reap

Best time to fly to Siem Reap

For an out-of-the-box holiday, the Cambodian city of Siem Reap is the perfect spot. 30 years ago, Siem Reap was the place which anyone wanted to visit for their hoildays. Siem Reap, now, after 30 years of falling off the tourist trail,  has returned with brand-new vigour and come back on the map as one

One-day trip in Phnom Penh

Sovanna Phum

Particularly in and around the city center of Phnom Penh, you can see breathtaking architecture and cityscape. Phnom Penh is also very walkable as being hugged by the banks of the Ton Le Sap River. To immerse yourself in the hustle of peaceful daily life as well as enjoy the most intriguing and spectacular buildings

Cost of living in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

A few years ago, Phnom Penh has crowded market with a lot of large shopping malls springing up to meet the needs of visitors from budget to luxury. Especially prices are lower than other countries in the region. Travel Indochina Cambodia So when you choose to live in Cambodia, you’re not too worried about his

Things to buy in Cambodia

Silver item in Cambodia

Although not being such a busy shopping center when being compared with Singapore, Thailand in Southeast Asia and America in America and France in Europe, Cambodia still offers tourists many interesting things to buy. Looking at the infrastructure of Cambodia, you may think that it is not a shopping address in the world, however, it

Living in Phnom Penh

Typical street in Phnom Penh

Being home to between 2 and 3 million Cambodians, Phnom Penh which is the capital city of Cambodia has the great majority of the foreign expatriates of this country. Some consider Phnom Penh as an unattractive conglomeration of collapsed colonial buildings and towering architectural whimsicalities, but to the expats who call it home it is

For those are planning to move to Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh-the land of expats

Being the busy capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh promises an exciting expectationfor those are planning to move here. Home to proof of the country’s more recent history, and also ancient temples constructed during the Khmer empire, this city is the combination of the past and the hopeful future. Indochina travel Cambodia Being the city