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Travel to Hoi An in flood season

Hoi An in a rainy day

Hoi An is always on the list of the best destinations in Vietnam that you should visit at least once time. It’s famous for its charm with ancient houses, old temples, narrow streets, and diverse cuisine. Hoi An is located in the lowlands when the rainy season is coming, sometimes it flooded, especially from September

Special Vot Coffee in Saigon

Don’t miss a chance to taste Vot café

In Vietnam, there is not only one way to make coffee. While brewing coffee by Phin filter or coffee machine has been popular among Saigonese for many years, not many local people know about the techniques of using a cloth strainer and a claypot (or a small steel pot) – a very special method of

Enjoy fruits in Mekong delta

Rambutan in Mekong delta is very sweet and fragrant

Mekong delta is one of the destinations which have many potential of tourism in Vietnam. The typical natural landscapes here are mainly delta and sea. This is a poetic and romantic wetland which is very famous for fresh air, natural resource, traditional culture, folk festivals and so on. All of these are very unique and

Hoi An’s morning fish market

All people in fish market are busy with their work

Situated on the Thu Bon River, behind the main market area, Hoi An fish market is worthwhile your effort to wake up early. This place is a real photographer delight when the fishing boats arrive and the locals start their activities. Like most markets in Asia, around 6 – 7am each morning, when the market

Ho Chi Minh City in December

Festive atmosphere

Not only being the first month of dry season, December is also considered as the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. This southern metropolis is still soaking in warm sunshine while the Northern Vietnam is experiencing the coldness of winter. During this month, special events to celebrate Western holidays and upcoming traditional Tet

Top 5 delicious food in Hoian

Com ga Hoian looks so attractive

If you are a lover of ancient and simple features, just try to travel to Hoian once. This is the old quarter located in Da Nang, Vietnam. Being built in about the16th century, Hoian has been so attractive with poetic beauty and diverse food. There is nothing more wonderful than to explore cuisine culture with

Bagan travel guide

Travel around Bagan by bike

Scattered over a total area of approximately 50 km square (26 miles square), 290km (180 miles) southwest of Mandalay on the east bank of the Ayeyarwady River, the ruins of medieval Bagan are today officially known as the “Bagan Archaeological Zone”. The lost city, which was formerly inhabited by from 50,000 to 200,000 people, is

Top Snack Food In Siem Reap Market

Delicious grilled pork skewers are served with sticky rice

If you are finding the oldest cuisine called “Khmer” in Asia, Cambodia will be your top destination. Its cuisine is famous for harmonious flavor and textures in each dish as well as elegant appearance. Furthermore, when tasting the food, you can feel the fresh, simple, and seasonal savor because all dishes have local spices, eatable

Why Dong Thap is well worth your time?

Lotus is the symbol of Dong Thap Muoi

Located some 200km from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Thap Province, in the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, offers travelers many interesting things to do and many stunning places to visit. Vietnam tour packages Dong Thap’s Climate Being in the tropical climate zone, consistently in the whole province, Dong Thap has two distinct seasons: dry

Stunning festival in Siem Reap

Khmer New Year celebration

As being the stunning gateway city to the Angkor temples, one of the world-renowned heritages, Siem Reap is considered as one of the best tourist destinations in South East Asia. Siem Reap has become a fast-emerging tourist magnet of Cambodia thanks to its strategic location and really charming ambiance.  What creates the unique charm of