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Cheap flights from Hanoi to Yangon

Inside Yangon International Airport

Yangon, Burma is becoming one of top favorite travel destinations in not only Burma but also the South East Asia. Thanks to untouched natural sceneries and unique culture, Vietnamese tourists are very keen on discovering this exotic land, which made them try to find all the ways to Yangon. The most popular way is cheap

Where to buy books in Yangon

Monument Books

With a cup of nice coffee, reading a book that you like on your day off is the most enjoyable! While many people are interested in shopping for clothes, some enjoy shopping for IT accessories, others just fall in love with books! Everyone has their way of reading different kinds of book as well as

The Best 3-Stars in Bagan Myanmar

Travelers can enjoy the sunrise and sunset through the windows

Bagan Hotel River View, Bagan (From US$75) Location: Old Bagan, near the bank of Ayeyarwaddy, Mandalay Division, Myanmar The architect in this beautiful hotel combines both ancient and modern ones to excite travelers staying in some amid pagodas and spacious tropical gardens near the riverside. When visiting to Bagan Hotel, they can have a chance

Best restaurant in Yangon

Famous grilled crab at restaurant

Myanmar opened in recent years, is considered a potential market of tourism. Tourist arrivals to Myanmar more, so the system of services related to accommodation are also investing more and more. Systems restaurants, hotels sprang up bristling from the hotel restaurant to the most affordable luxury hotel restaurant. Indochina travel Myanmar Minn Lan Rakhine Seafood

Cheap flights to Myanmar


Burma Myanmar – Located between Asia is a beautiful country known for ethnicity and culture unlike any other place. Myanmar, formerly called Burma, and the official name is the Republic of the Union of Myanmar , is a country in Southeast Asia , bordering the neighboring countries of Bangladesh , India , China , Laos

Best restaurants in Yangon

Green Elephant Restaurant in Yangon

Along with traditional Myanmar, Chinese, and Indian restaurants, there are now Italian, Japanese, Thai, Korean and western restaurants. Dining in Yangon is now beginning to reflect a more cosmopolitan character. You’ll also find fast food restaurants offering burgers and pizza, as well as cafes and coffee bars. There are hundreds of restaurants in Yangon, and

Where to go in Myanmar


Myanmar is an extremely interesting destination for those who love adventure tourism because this country is still untouched. Tours Indochina Other Myanmar with Thailand and Cambodia because there is no cheap tour, not much fun, recreational, so that Myanmar is not the destination of many tourists Vietnam. We arrived at Yangon International Airport when the

Chaung Tha Beach – Myanmar

Chaung Tha Beach

Only about 40 kilometers far away from the west of Pathein of Ayeyawady region, it takes about 5 hours to conveniently drive from Yangon to the beautiful Chaung Tha Beach. Receiving its name from the small stream (Chaung) flowing at the western part of the village and the meaning pleasant of Tha in the Burmese

Mrauk U–An ideal place for archaeological discovery in Myanmar

Mrauk U – a dreamlike state

It must be unforgettable discovery for you if you ever travel to Mrauk U in Myanmar. Mrauk U contains many elements that create a memorable trip, such as an ancient kingdom with impressive ruins, a lively local culture as well as interesting Chin tribal villages that can be visited in a long but worthwhile day