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Dressing Smart for Fall and Winter In Vietnam

Dalat in fall
Although Vietnam is a really diverse and fascinating destination before starting your journey here in fall and winter months, it is always important to know when to travel in Vietnam, what clothes to bring along on your travels. There are many things to consider even before you bring out your suitcase.
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How is the weather like?


Fall in Hanoi

Fall in Hanoi- source: internet

In the autumn, Northern Vietnam is at its best magical, and a favorite time of year to go to Vietnam for both locals and travelers is the time from September to November, which is generally when temperatures finally begin to dip after what is usually a hot and humid summer. And for the occasion, most locals quickly pull out the boots and sweaters. However, before the winter months take hold, the pleasantly cool weather is generally short lived.  With the northern-most cities like Sapa dipping to especially chilly temperatures the northern Vietnam can get surprisingly cold. In addition to the cold temperatures, even during these cold months, northern Vietnam remains especially humid and drizzle and rain are not uncommon.

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Dalat in fall

Dalat in fall- source: internet

Boasting year-round breezy and warm weather with less extreme rainy seasons and monsoons, the central coast of Vietnam is famous for its weather for good reason. That said, with the breezy seaside air coming plenty of humidity, if you do not pack right, the sun and sand can make for some sweaty discomfort. Plus, through the winter months, the rainy season in central Vietnam is at its peak. In winter and fall, the central coast together with several cities further inland (like romantic Dalat or historic Hue) can get really hot and sticky, with sunshine being especially intense. Swapping tightly fitting and skin bearing fashion for thinner and looser fabrics that cover more is the clever ways of battling both with minimal discomfort. That way, you can avoid the nasty pitfalls of tightly fitting clothing in the heat and battle the sun without slathering on sunscreen.


Southern Vietnam in fall

Southern Vietnam in fall- source: internet

Nestled just along the equator, the Southern Vietnam enjoys the year-round sunshine that its cozy spot between both hemispheres provides. That said, the rainy season in the south is in full swing come early autumn and what southern Vietnam lacks in cold weather is more than making up for in rain. Thankfully, in the first months of winter (usually around November), the southern region considerably dries with temperatures staying cooler and breezier often until December. Even though temperatures are hotter, the humidity is usually a bit lower, the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City are usually breezier than its northern counterpart.

What to pack?

Dressing smart for fall and winter in Hanoi

Dressing smart for fall and winter in Hanoi-source: internet

On packing your bags, it is necessary to consider what kind of beating your threads will be bringing during your overseas trips. After all, it is no doubt that the suitcase of a person preparing for rock climbing and trekking will look different from this of someone bound for two weeks of walking tours and urban adventures. Your travel activities will surely have a big influence on what should be left at home and what should go into your suitcase.

Rural Activities

It is not difficult to assume that tank tops and shorts could be more convenient for outdoor activities that might work up a sweat in the heat, but the opposite is usually true even in the winter and fall months. Sunshine and insects are a year-round reality in Vietnam, and pants and long sleeves can protect you from both without the need for bug and sun lotion. To stay comfortable in the heat, go for light colors and looser fits.

Urban Activities

Do not forget to bring many kinds of clothes with you

Do not forget to bring many kinds of clothes with you- source: internet

As walking the pavements in Vietnam’s cities, some of the most bustling in Southeast Asia, is often the same workout as hiking and trekking along a mountain, good shoes are a must even in Hanoi capital city and Ho Chi Minh City. Leather clothing and suede do not bode well with the moisture during the cold humidity in the north as well as rainy season in the south. In order to avoid your favorite clothes getting damaged, go for linens in the south and more durable fabrics like wool and thick cotton in the cooler temperatures.

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