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Enjoying the beauty of Hoian in March

The clear blue beauty of the sky and the scene in Hoian in March

Hoian was once a busy international port and a peaceful oasis of old Vietnam. It’s been considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site from 1999. Nowadays, Hoian is a place among the most beautiful and friendly destinations for travelers. Hoian is a favorite place to kick back, relax and learn about traditional Vietnamese culture. Particularly, Hoian in March is much more beautiful with the fresh and comfortable weather. For travelers, there’s a lot of interesting things to enjoy the beauty of Hoian in March.  If you interest, you can click: cruises from saigon to phnom penh

Ancient beauty of Hoian a day in March

Ancient beauty of Hoian a day in March- source: interent

The ideal period of time for traveling to Hoian is in March, yearly. This is the time when the summer is beginning gradually. There is no long rain and it’s not too hot. The weather in Hoian in March is so lovely, sunny and fresh. Unlike very hot summer days of other places, coming to Hoian, you will feel the summer atmosphere to become strangely lovely. Actually, the weather like this is very suitable for those who want to travel Old Town-the historic center and a gloriously non-commercial area of the city and a fantastic example of the fusion of Asian cultures. Traveling to Hoian in March, you have a good chance to immerse in the warm sunshine and a clear blue sky. Every small corner, every row of trees, and every home is dying with the color of the sunlight. The wonderful weather in March make everything in ancient Hoian turn into full of energy for living in the seductiveness and mysteriousness.

The clear blue beauty of the sky and the scene in Hoian in March

The clear blue beauty of the sky and the scene in Hoian in March- source: internet

More interesting, if you can travel to Hoian at the time of full moon celebrations on the 14th day of every lunar month. At this time, the town is filled with lanterns, traditional dance, and temple ceremonies in order to celebrate the golden age of prosperity and remember the ancestors of the local people. Hoian becomes the most beautiful and sparking at night on that day. This is a great time for traveling a temple – each of the town’s pagodas are awash with activities, all free of charge.  Monks hold candlelit ceremonies while the Phuc Kien (Fujian) Assembly Hall on Tran Phu Street hosts an inspiring gathering of local fishing families honoring Lady Thien Hau, goddess of the sea. All attractions are free for travelers on the night of the full moon.  Other entertainment includes local street musicians playing traditional instruments, poetry readings, Chinese chess matches by candlelight, other traditional theatrics and games. The feature of the beauty of Hoian is attached together with the full moon celebrations. 

A scene on full moon celebrations in Hoian

A scene on full moon celebrations in Hoian- source: internet

For those, who really want to escape from the uproarious city, with its own peaceful beauty, Hoian is worthy as a relaxation destination and love oasis. Just outside the city are so beautiful beaches, filled with palm trees and vendors selling local foods. Not at all, the water-front location also holds the unspoiled coral reefs of Cu Lao Cham, a new diving site for scuba and snorkeling. The Cu Lao Cham Islands lie around 15 kilometers off the coast of Hoian, and are home to fantastic biodiversity and also a UNESCO world Biosphere Reserve, and the beauty of their marine park is an essential part of any journeys. Saigon to phnom penh by boat

Cu Lao Cham, the beautiful offshore island

Cu Lao Cham, the beautiful offshore island- source: internet

Last but not at least, the beauty of Hoian is also come from the traditional culinary foods.    For foodies, Hoian is a paradise. The city’s Central Market is packed with homemade traditional Vietnamese food and fresh, organic produces. There are many restaurants offering cooking classes in addition to meals including delicious vegetarian food.

My Quang-special good of Hoian

My Quang-special good of Hoian- source: internet

Hoian is really beautiful all the time and it is an ideal destination for most of travelers. However, the beauty of Hoian in March really have its own feature. Because at this time, everything peaceful scene is in fusion with the clear fresh weather of summer days perfectly. Hoian now is picturesque. If you come Hoian one day in March, it must make you have a lot of memory.

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