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How to avoid scams at Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat and its amazing reflection

Angkor Wat will make you moving with its beauty, despite the huge numbers of tourists that can descend on it some days. Still, all tourists make it a great destination for Cambodians to do business.However, occasionally you might meet someone looking for a short-cut into your wallet.  Which is why this guide to avoiding scams at Angkor Wat is essential. It’ll help you spot the scams and take the stress out of enjoying this wonder of the world. See more: Indochina travel Cambodia

Angkor Wat’s Tuk-tuk scams

The price that the Tuk-tuk drivers in Cambodia often asking you to take you to the sacred temples in Angkor Archaeological Park, will be reasonable or cheap. The drivers are helpful and friendly and will wait patiently for as long as it takes you to feel the splendour of the temples, and be there to take you back to your accommodation.

Tuk tuk- The popular vehicle in Angkor Wat

Tuk tuk- The popular vehicle in Angkor Wat- source: internet

But once in a while a visitor may come across one of the few drivers who’s crossed over to the dark side and is out to scam you. Typically it works like this: you’ve paid your park entrance fee of about $20 and you’re committed to going. The tuk-tuk fee will suddenly rise. There are bills of $15 fees jumping to $85! These guys strike an expensive bargain and you’re at their mercy, especially if you’ve set off early to try to get photographs of sunrise at the temples and you can see the fabulous light disappearing before your eyes. Who knows if you’ll ever be back this way – the urge to pay up is almost irresistable.

If you are a really good haggler and get your driver down to negotiate a low price he may abandon you half-way through the deal because he’s negotiated a better deal with another visitor. Try to be fair with the prices you negotiate.

How to avoid arguments:

Get agreement on the price (maybe even note it down)..

Ask other travellers and see if they can recommend a reliable service.

Organise reliable and famous transport or a guide through your accommodation – they’ll know the good ones.

Vendors at Angkor Wat

Outside the temples the vendors selling food and water will tell you there’s nothing available inside. They’ll say just about anything to make a sale. Of course, there are plenty more vendors inside…like the ones outside, and they tend to be cheaper too. phnom penh to ho chi minh by boat

Check with other travellers who’ve already spent a day or two here to work out the going rate for everything.

Don’t buy the temple map with 20$. You can get the same map inside the temple, or in town, for $1.

The map of Angkor Wat

The map of Angkor Wat- source: internet

Another important tip is to not buy from child vendors around Angkor Wat as cute as they may be. Often many of the children are being exploited by someone else and will see very little or none of the money.

Pub Street

This is where many visitors go to relax after a hard day ooohing and ahhing at temples. The beer’s cheap, the food is good and there’s a relaxed atmosphere. The most dangerous case here – and it’s pretty low on the scale – is maybe you let your guard down and forget to keep a close eye on your belongings, providing an opportunity for someone with light fingers. Keep your belongings secure.

The glinkle pup street in Cambodia

The glinkle pup street in Cambodia- source: internet

Old market

A great experience, just be aware of the petty thievery and usual pickpocketing. If you go in here wearing khakis and a photographer’s vest full of gadgets you will draw attention, some of it unwanted.


Tips for staying near Angkor Wat


Siem Reap is the town closest to Angkor Wat and where most travellers stay. If you have experienced it in Cambodia as far as this you’ve probably known it all before, plus the town can be a little more laid-back than other South-east Asian destinations.

Some tourists complain abut the persistence and relentlessness of the touts and vendors, but that probably says more about the individual tourist than the location – there are a lot worse places. If you’re a seasoned Nomad you won’t have any trouble.

Angkor Wat and its amazing reflection

Angkor Wat and its amazing reflection- source: internet

The sacred Angkor Wat will be the unforgotten memory in your trip if you can avoid these scams. Be informative, the trip will be better.

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