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Lao Food: Bamboo Shoot Soup

Lao Food: Bamboo Shoot Soup

IYanang leaves are popular in Laotian and Thai cuisine. The juice is extracted by bruising the leaves than soaking them in water. Alternatively, you can purchase cans of yanang extract.
ngredients: Bamboo Shoots, Padek, Bai Ya Nang,Mushrooms, Soaked Sticky Rice, Peppers.

1. Bamboo shoot Preparation: (Skip steps if you get canned bamboo)

Get some fresh Bamboo Shoots from your local Asian Grocery Store.
Peel the bamboo shoot so that you get to the soft crunchy layer. The edible section should have the same texture as an asparagus.
Once the bamboo is peeled boil until the bitter taste is gone. To do this boil for 10-15 minutes and dump the old water and repeat again for another 10-15 minutes.
Slice the bamboo into thin slices. See photo.

2. Bai Ya Nang Preparation: (Skip if you buy the canned Bai Ya Nang)

You can get some frozen Bai Ya Nang at your local Lao Grocery Store. Check out the refigeration instruction on the package LOL.
take about half the leaves in the Package and put it in a blender adding a little bit of water to allow for the blender to grind the leaves down.
Once the Bai Ya Nang leaves are finely blended into liquid form. Extract only the juice of the Bai Ya Nang into a bowl.
3. Sticky rice Preparation:
Soak about a 1/4 a cup of sticky rice for about one hour. After the sticky rice is soaked pound the rice into a paste like consistency. Got my little buddy to help.
Set the rice aside.
4. Other Prep:
Choose your choice of mushrooms (I like Oyster mushrooms). Wash the mushrooms.
5. Putting it together:
Put the Bai Ya Nang extract into a pot. Turn stove on to medium heat
Add Water until the mushrooms and bamboo are almost covered.
Add Some Padek and Mix everything together. Depending on how salty you like your Gaeng Naw Mai. Add a spoon of Padek at a time until you get the taste you like. I used four “Pho spoons” of Padek in mine.
Add the mashed up sticky rice. I suggest adding a little at a time until you get the soup to the consistency you like. Remember rice expands. I put about a “Pho” Spoon of smashed sticky rice in mine.
Add your peppers. Also by preference. know how spicy your fresh peppers are.
Let the mix boil for about 15-20 minutes and stir it from time to time so that nothing burns at the buttom of the pot.

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