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Laos – Thailand tour


Laos- Thailand travel will take you to the capital of the elephants country legend, feel the unique culture of our neighbor. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to visit Udon Thani province, it is located in the northeast of Thailand. Although not a tourist city, but the beautiful city of Thai Udon Thani is an ideal tourist destination for those who love to explore the wild character of the mountains. Indochina holidays Thailand


Laos – source:

Before deciding travel to Laos and Thailand, you should refer take these notes to have a nice trip.

  1. Preparing:

    – An identity cards.

    – There should be waist bags for storing personal papers, money.

    – Put your name, address to prevent lost luggage, especially electronic goods purchased.

    – Bring a pen to declare at immigration, Pocket PC to charge purchases.

    – Bring some antiemetic, drugs abdominal pain, digestive enzymes, personal cure, wind oil, brushes, toothpaste, hats, beachwear …

    – Camera and film small size can bring people, large machines to the customs declaration, to avoid taxation at the entry of the Vietnam.

  2. Money exchange:

When traveling Laos – Thailand, Vietnamese should bring money, our guides will help visitors convert to Kip-Laos-Thailand Bath or cash at the Lao Bao border gate. In Laos can use money- Bath. Thailand travel packages

Lao Bao border gate

Lao Bao border gate – source:

+ Current rate: 100 baht = approximately 72.000d

1000 kip = 2,700 VND (prices vary slightly from day to day).

Bath Thailand

Bath Thailand – source:

  1. Note while abroad:

– In the process of taking participation was relatively reasonable arrangement, you arrange individual work right now to keep people waiting.
– When you have to get to the hotel address card with Visit hotel, you locked out of the room must be careful and send the key at the front desk, if you lose the keys to the house in cash. And before you leave the hotel room, the room number of HDV to grasp what needs to be corrected, referred to HDV.

– When entering the room, check the equipment in the room. If detected broken furniture must immediately notify the receptionist or tour guide said to avoid house after check-out.

Riverside Boutique Resort in Vang Vieng – Laos

Riverside Boutique Resort in Vang Vieng – Laos – source:

– Do you, money should not be in the room when the tour, should send at the hotel Reception.

– Dirty clothes can be self-cleaning, if leased hotels, all clothes washing pressure to put on dirty clothes basket, hotel and guest laundry are automatically required to pay (on average 1 usd / 1 pants or shirt ).

– Refrigerator in the room with drinks, guests used to pay, usually double the price outside.

– Food of Laos – Thailand usually very spicy, if guests have stomach pain should bring cure to use when needed.

– Remember to bring your small computer when you go shopping. When buying electronics, you remember to check carefully, especially when the store packaging, must check before every car. Do not buy television on Vietnam because imports will be taxed.

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