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Saigon’s Street Food Guide

What to eat at a local eatery in The Island complex
There are clusters of crumbling ancient apartment complexes throughout Ho Chi Minh City, which all are on the verge of either demolition or collapse. In these large, grey, concrete buildings, living conditions are fairly uncomfortable, grim and cramped. However, life outside – on the streets and alleyways between the concrete blocks – is rich and vibrant perhaps because of the rough conditions inside the apartments. For more information, you can click: Indochina tours Vietnam

  • Location: Between Nguyen Thien Thuat and Ly Thai To streets, District 3, Saigon.

Going to the west of downtown Ho Chi Minh City, you can find a sprawling maze of old apartment blocks filling the space between Nguyen Thien Thuat and Ly Thai To streets. Consisting of several squat concrete apartment blocks; each of which is about four – storey high with white fluorescent lights illuminating the stairwells and corridors running around the buildings’ perimeters, this complex is accessed via alleyways leading off the main streets.

Dishes to try in the Colony

Dishes to try in the Colony- source: internet

It is likely that nothing is more amazing than spending your whole evening strolling through the labyrinth of apartments; from a plate of crispy fried noodles to a cup of warm soy milk; from a bowl of fish soup to a glass of milk tea; from one street stall to the next. With reasonable prices, friendly people, it is no surprise that groups of all ages roam these streets at night. If you are seeking for an alternative to the glamour and glitz and of nearby District 1 it will be such a great choice. Even though it is just a few-minute drive away, save it for another time zone. marguerite cruise

  • Location: Either side of Thanh Da Street, after Cau Kinh Bridge, District 2, Saigon.
What to eat at a local eatery in The Island complex

What to eat at a local eatery in The Island complex- source: internet

Thanh Da Island in the north of Ho Chi Minh City is formed by a canal cutting out the Saigon River’s arcing meander. This island, which offers respite from the clamor of Saigon’s centre, has long been slated for big things.

Life does not seem really fun inside these apartments, but on the sweets below, it is alive and well. Set up on the ground floors of the buildings and the narrow streets between the blocks are dozens of tea stalls, cafes, beer restaurants, noodle shops and rice eateries. You can find several restaurants offering decent dining with seats on plastic chairs set up outside under the apartments in the pretty cool nighttime air. For example: tuck into spicy beef grilled in a length of bamboo (bò nướng ống tre) or tiny clams fried in lemongrass and chili and served on a crispy rice cracker (hến xào sả ớt bánh đa) at Bảo Duy Restaurant. It is incredibly nice to walk down to the waterfront cafés, where you can enjoy sugary, sweet, milky, syrupy concoctions of the type now so popular with Saigon teenagers, and take them out to sit on the river banks, admiring the city’s lights play in the ripples of the water.

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