Street food from south of Vietnam – Vietnamese Sea Urchins | Cruise Mekong River

Street food from south of Vietnam – Vietnamese Sea Urchins

Vietnamese Sea Urchins

Vietnamese Sea Urchins

During my stay in phu quoc island in south of Vietnamese and foreigner tourist enjoy sea urchin and eat it alive is cheap and delicious . It is really good for health as well and many people really want to enjoy it. And it is one of delicious Vietnamese Street Food for everyone especially foreign tourists.

Vietnamese Sea Urchins which one of popular Vietnamese street food, has many ways to call from popular to science names. It is just as Korean Ginseng of the Sea because it has many useful effects. From some researches, it is really good for kidney, improve men’s health and increase Calcium for body as many local peoples and tourist explain to me.

In Vietnam, Sea Urchins usually live use live Phu Quoc beaches and many other areas in fishing areas in Vietnam . Vietnamese enjoy Sea Urchins alive with green field cabbage and pickled vegetable , mustard sauce

Vietnamese Sea Urchins

Vietnamese Sea Urchins

Ald also served with famous black pepper mixed with salt the Vietnamese way.

There are many meat and eggs inside sea urchins. Using knife or spoon to separate meat and eggs out of it,

Eating Sea Urchins alive: Like other Vietnamese Street Food, that really simply process to make it. Most people eat it with green field cabbage and mustard sauce or just enjoy it with salt pepper lemon sauce. After catch sea urchins, you separate it in half and clean it. Get the meat into the bowl, add a little lemon and mustard sauce, stir recently and enjoy with green filed cabbage.

In addition, you can enjoy Vietnamese Sea Urchins food any place in Ho Chi Minh, especially in Vietnamese street food restaurants. And also all fishing place in this Beautiful country .

I order 2 pieces for the first time and I enjoy it with salt and pepper Vietnamese style.

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