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Stunning places to take amazing terrace photos in Vietnam

Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen in Yen Bai

Mostly located in the North of Vietnam, mainly in 3 provinces including Yen Bai, Ha Giang and Lao Cai Province, terrace fields in Vietnam are ranked as one of the most spectacular rice terrace fields on the planet. Do not miss the places below if you are planning your holiday to Vietnam and want to find the best places to take amazing photos of terraces: Travel Indochina Vietnam

Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa, Lao Cai

Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa Valley-source:

Besides Fanxipan – the Indochina Peak, lovely ethnic locals in unique ethnic groups, Sapa is also well-known for a number of picturesque terrace fields. Although you can see terraces everywhere in Sapa, it is advisable to pay a visit to Ta Van and Lao Chai ethnic villages belonging to Muong Hoa Valley if you want to take the most wonderful terrace photos. From the peaceful town of Sapa, you will drive about 5km to reach Lao Chai in the valley, which is thought to be the place owning the most splendid terrace fields in Sapa. Along the way, they can make a stop for travelers to take the gorgeous panoramic scenery of the valley. To have the most memorable trip, it is highly recommended to have a local tour guide accompany with you.

Ma Tra Village in Sapa

Ma Tra Village

Ma Tra

Thanks to its natural charm, the terraces in Ma Tra Village, which witness fewer tourists than Muong Hoa Valley, have recently attracted more and more tourists including not only domestic but also foreign travelers. In addition to being a good option to visit and take terrace photos, Ma Tra village is also a good spot for exploring the daily life of ethnic people and trekking in Sapa if you do not want too much tourists.

Sin Man and Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang

Sin Man and Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang

Sin Man and Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang-source:

Many terraces in Ha Giang are thought to be more spectacular than those in Sapa by many photographers. And Sin Man and Hoang Su Phi, which are about 300km far from Hanoi, are the most perfect places to take terrace photos in this province. To get to Ha Giang province, you can go by bus, train or more interesting, motorbike.  September (or early October) is the ideal time to take photos of rice harvest. Not only being a stunning place to take terrace photos, Ha Giang also offers travelers a great number of places to take several beautiful photos of fantastic waterfalls and gorgeous mountain. luxury Mekong river cruise

Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen in Yen Bai

Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen in Yen Bai

Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen in Yen Bai-source:

Than Uyen, Mu Cang Chai and Tu Le, which are about 280km far from Hanoi, and accessible by motorbike or bus also have wonderful terraces to take photos. Due to its flexibility, it is highly recommended to go by motorcycle. However, you should travel as a private tour with private driver and tour guide if you are not young and healthy enough. The ideal time to visit these places are during rice harvest from September to early October and from May to July when you can admire evergreen rice fields.

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