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The Old Quarter- the soul of Hanoi

Ca Tru at Kim Ngan Temple

When mentioning Hanoi, the Old Quarter is the first thing comes to tourist’s mind. Throughout great 1000 years history, Hanoi’s the Old Quarter has changed a lot but it still remains its ancient beauty. Now the Old Quarter is impressive place to discover with bustling streets and historical values. Setting your foot in the Old

Enjoy street food in Hanoi- the short way to understand a beautiful girl

A bowl of Pho is the best way to start a new day

Hanoi- the capital city with more than 1000 years of history. It is not only the place where gathered both ancient and modern beauty, Hanoi is a real foody heaven with a great combination of all kinds of taste from 3 regions of Vietnam. Eating Vietnamese food in general and the food in Hanoi in

Top 5 delicious food in Hanoi, you should enjoy

noodle soup

Bread, Obama noodle burgers or grilled fish are popular dishes that can not be ignored when exploring the cuisine of the capital.Noodle soup in Hanoi (Pho) Noodle soup is a popular dish for breakfast in Vietnam but now you can be enjoyed it all days. The bone marrow is added and cinnamon is added to