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Top 5 delicious food in Hanoi, you should enjoy

noodle soup
Bread, Obama noodle burgers or grilled fish are popular dishes that can not be ignored when exploring the cuisine of the capital.Noodle soup in Hanoi (Pho)

Noodle soup is a popular dish for breakfast in Vietnam but now you can be enjoyed it all days. The bone marrow is added and cinnamon is added to add flavor to the pho. Meat, noodles, aromatic herbs and onions are chopped upwards. After eating a bowl of low-priced, full-bodied and flavorful pho, you will understand why this dish is so popular in Hanoi.

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noodle soup

noodle soup- source: internet

Suggested Address: Bat Dan Pho (49 Bat Dan) and Pho 10 (10 Ly Quoc Su).

Bread in Hanoi

A Bread in Hanoi is a combination of French and Southeast Asian cuisine. The proof is that the French baguette bag has a crispy shell, soft core, cut along the cake to add meat, pate, cucumber, salt, coriander and chilli sauce.

Bread in Hanoi

Bread in Hanoi- source: internet

Suggested Address: Bread 25 (No. 5 Hang Fish).
Roll cake

Rolls cake made from rice flour is thinned then add minced pork, mushrooms and dried onions. This type of cake is always accompanied with bowl of sauce made from fish sauce, lemon, sugar and water. This is another popular Vietnamese breakfast but diners can also buy and enjoy all time the day.

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banh cuon

banh cuon- source: internet

Suggested address: Traditional bread rolls (12 Hang Ga).
Bun cha:

Just to choose the place, diners can see right on the table are enough vegetables, lemon, chili, peppers, and served with hot rolls. The ingredients are fresh, plump and priced to suit the dust-lovers, who love to explore local cuisine.

Bun cha in Hanoi

Bun cha in Hanoi- source: internet

Suggested Address: Bun Dac Kim (No.1 Hang Manh), Huong Lien Bun (No. 24 Le Van Huu).
Cha Ca 

It is a typical fish fry of Hanoi, can not be lack of turmeric and processing. The fish is marinated with spices before being brought to the hot pan set at the table with fresh bun. When the noodles are cooked please eat the noodles, onions and dill, add a little shrimp sauce to enhance the taste.

cha ca la vong

cha ca la vong- source: internet

Suggested Address: Thang Long Fish Cake (No. 31 Duong Thanh)

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