Grilled goat breast

Speaking of goat meat, no place own more delicious moutain goat meat (thit de nui) than Ninh Binh. Day by day, strong goat herds walk on rocky mountain, gnaw green leaves and drinking dew drops which create special flavor for goat meat. Goat meat has long been a specialty of Ninh Binh land and processed into dozens of mouth-watering dishes such as de u trau (rice husk goat meat), de ham thuoc bac (stewed goat meat), de hap (steamed goat meat)…Let’s explore Ninh Binh with Indochina travel Vietnam to enjoy delicious goat dish

  1. De u trau (Rice husk goat meat)

Mountain goat meat are cleanly-shaved, stuffed citronella leaves into its belly. Then the cook cover all goat body with rice husk and burn the straw to set fire. Thanks to the heat of the rice husk, goat meat will become yellow skinned, creating rare goat meat dish. Finally, cut goat meat into small pieces. A finished rice husk goat meat dish of Ninh Binh must be both soft and sweet.

Rice husk goat meat

Rice husk goat meat- source: internet

  1. Chan de ham thuoc bac (stewed goat foot)

Goat feet are scraped cleanly, put into boiling water then cut into small pieces. When simmering them, the cook will sprinkle purple onion and seasoning. Stewed goat meat is usually served with vegetables and noodles. It is very suitable for cold or rainy days in Ninh Binh.

  1. De hap (Steamed goat meat)

Goat meat can be steamed with perilla leaves or citronella. When eating steamed goat meat with soy sauce added little sugar, spices, salt and bananas, pineapples are very cool, suitable for hot summer days.

Steamed goat meat in Ninh Binh

Steamed goat meat in Ninh Binh- source: internet

  1. Nam de nuong (Grilled goat breast)

Breast of the goat is thinly sliced, washed, drained, marinated with pepper, oyster sauce, chili sauce, garlic, five-spice powder,… Let it infuse spices then grill it until ripe. Grilled goat used with alcohol is much preferred by men.

Grilled goat breast

Grilled goat breast- source: internet

5. Thit de nuong (Grilled goat meat)

Goat meat is cleaned, drained, sliced to small pieces. It is mixed with sesame and a little bit of cooking oil then grilled until ripe. Finally it is usually served with herbs like basil, cinnamon … to feel perfect taste of the dish. Tours in Vietnam

  1. De ham ngu vi huong (Stewed goat meat with five-spice powder)

Goat meat is sliced into small pieces then marinated with five-spice powder. Then it is stir-fried on the stove, poured with white wine, potatoes and carrots until the water in the pan is still hot. Stewed goat meat is really delicious with bread, hot rice.

  1. De nuong ngu vi huong (Grilled goat meat with five flavor)

Sliced goat meat is marinated with garlic, satay, seasoning, sugar and little cooking oil. Let it infuse spices in 15 minutes, then roasted on the charcoal stove. It is the best meal for family party in cold day.

  1. Canh thit de (Goat meat soup)

It is a nutritious dish for pregnant mothers, sick people. The soup is made from lean goat meat, carrots and medicinal herbs such as ginger, red apple, wine.

Goat meat soup

Goat meat soup- source: internet

  1. Stir-fried goat meat

The cook boil a small pot of water mixed with vinegar then soak sliced goat meat into that pot. Then the cook take out goat meat, rinse it again, drain, and marinate it with pineapple juice, curry powder, soup powder, seasoning seeds and little garlic, citronella. After that, goat meat is stir-fried with onion, perilla. In the end, a completed stir-fried goat meat dish should be sprinkled fried onion and roasted peanut on the top. Tourists would fall in love with its taste and smell at first time they try it.

  1. Stir-fried goat with satay

Goat meat is marinated with satay, oyster sauce, vinegar, sugar, lemongrass, chili… in about 20 minutes. The cool will take pan on the stove, fry garlic onion, stir-fry goat meat quickly on big fire. It can be stir-fried with onions, sweet peppers.

Mountain goat farming is a traditional craft that has long existed in this land. Therefore, Ninh Binh people take advantage of goat meat to create tasty and special dishes attracting many tourists. Gradually, mountain goats become popular dishes in the North region of Vietnam and it attracts not only Vietnamese visitors but also international tourists.

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