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Cruises on mekong river

A cruises on mekong river  is as exciting, diverse and surprising today as at the time it was explored by Lagreé and Garnier, the two Frenchmen who were the first western surveyors to reach the region. Their expedition of 1866-68 moved up the river in small dugout canoes. As they were at the mercy of the

Cruise mekong river

River Mekong is one of the largest rivers in the world, originating from China, flows through Laos , Myanmar , Thailand , Cambodia and pour the South China Sea in Vietnam . As long as the 12th (7th in Asia ), and by flow No. 10 in the world (annual flow is about 475 million

mekong boat cruises

Be one of the first travelers to get to know a truly unspoiled nature along the banks of the Mekong boat cruises as well as during fascinating shore excursions to local villages on the route between The Golden Triangle  and Luang Prabang in the north,  the Lao capital of Vientiane and the lively market town

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Mekong river cruises

Once you find the cruise and itinerary as expected, just click on the “book now” and have the booking form filled. The acceptance of all reservation is subject to these booking conditions which, at the time of booking made, form a contractual relationship between Mekong river cruises and its clients. It is important that clients understand