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Five Vegetable Stir-Fry

Five Vegetable Stir-Fry

A dinner of Brussels sprouts, turnips, carrots, and lentils may sound more like a punishment than a treat, but believe us—the combination is delicious. In fact, the general effect is actually rather delicate. Ingredients: 1. vegetable oil cooking spray 2 teaspoons vegetable oil 4 medium carrots, peeled cut diagonally into 1/4-inch slices 1 large onion,

At least 21 dead in Vietnam anti-China protests over oil rig

Vietnamese protesters outside the construction site of a Formosa steel mill in Ha Tinh province. Protests led to at least 21 killed and nearly 100 injured. Photograph: Reuters At least 21 people were killed and nearly 100 injured in Vietnam on Thursday during violent protests against China in one of the deadliest confrontations between the

Chinese nationals in Vietnam flee to Cambodia as anti-China riots turn fatal

Vietnamese protest against China near Formosa mill in Ha Tinh, Vietnam. A doctor told Reuters that more than 20 people died during the rioting on Wednesday night. Photograph: Str/EPA Violent reaction in Vietnam to China’s expansionist stance in disputed seas has turned deadly, with multiple reports of people being killed during rioting that began with

Cambodian lifestyle

lifestyle in cambodia

Most of the people of Cambodia live in villages and farm the land or fish to obtain their food. To see the real life and culture of how over three- quarters of the people of Cambodia live, you have to leave the cities and visit the villages. Houses are either in groups or strung out

Cambodia seizes three tonnes of ivory in record haul

Cambodian customs on Friday seized more than three tonnes of ivory – the country’s largest-ever haul of elephant tusks – hidden in a container of beans. The haul was made after the container was scanned at the southwestern port of Sihanoukville, said Bun Chiv, deputy head of the port’s customs office. “We confiscated more than

Stolen 10th-century statue to be returned to Cambodia

District attorney Preet Bharara with a picture of the Duryodhana bondissant. Photograph: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images An ancient statue of a warrior that was stolen in 1972 and almost went to auction three years ago is to be returned to Cambodia. The 10th-century sandstone Duryodhana bondissant was stolen from the Prasat Chen temple at Koh Ker

Khmer of Cambodia

Khmer of Cambodia

The Central Khmer inhabit the western and central portions of Cambodia, and make up the majority of the country’s total population. The Central Khmer speak an Eastern Mon-Khmer language called Khmer, or Cambodian. It is the national language of Cambodia. The Khmer Empire, which flourished between the ninth and thirteenth centuries, encompassed present-day Laos, Thailand,

Machu Kroung

Machu Kroung

Machu Kroung (soup), a healthy, fulfilling, flavorful sweet and sour soup that is incredibly wholesome. The fried peanuts accentuate the soup. The lemongrass (slak krai) and the saffron truly complement each other and to top it off, the decorative local grown chili flakes (matey) make this quite an appealing site to the eye. This is

Shopping Malls and Markets in Phnom Penh


Whilst your motivation for living in Phnom Penh may have more altruistic groundings, should you still harbour symptoms of the consumer culture acquired back in the West, there are endless opportunities to indulge in retail therapy while you’re here! Central Market Designed by a French architect in the 1930s, the yellow art-deco style Central Market