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10 Vietnamese street foods we can’t live without!

Beef noodles (Phở bò)

1. Beef noodles (Phở bò) This could be the No 1 street food in Vietnam and most recognizable Vietnamese food outside of Vietnam. Originated from the North, but has found home in the South since long time, that’s why we have “phở” in two different styles: northern and southern. According to some foodies, in Sài

Top 5 Street Food in Saigon

Vạn Kiếp Street

Street foods in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is arguably the best in Vietnam. The street food scene in Saigon permeates every district, neighbourhood and alleyway. The city boasts so many street food outlets that Saigon feels like one gigantic open-air restaurant. Every day tens of thousands of street-side eateries offer up delicious, cheap food

Street food from south of Vietnam – Vietnamese Sea Urchins

Vietnamese Sea Urchins

Vietnamese Sea Urchins During my stay in phu quoc island in south of Vietnamese and foreigner tourist enjoy sea urchin and eat it alive is cheap and delicious . It is really good for health as well and many people really want to enjoy it. And it is one of delicious Vietnamese Street Food for

Apsara – the magical dance of Cambodia

A part of Reamker is illustrated by the Apsara figurative dance

Cambodia – “the land of wonders” – attracts tourists because of its mysterious, magical features. One of them which tourists should not miss out is Apsara dance. Apsara dance is the Royal ballet-like dance in Cambodia telling folk stories and legends of the country. It rooted from India but was gradually influenced by the Khmer

To do and see around Can Tho

Bang Lang Stork Garden

Enjoy local life on one of the floating markets. Observe birds in one of the stork gardens. Make a boat trip through the canals and visit handicraft villages or an orchard. Become a Vietnamese in the old days by visiting My Khanh village. Visit a museum or ancient house to learn more about life in