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Takeo Province


Located in the southwest of Cambodia, Takeo borders the provinces of Kampot to the west, Kampong Speu to the northwest and Kandal to the north and east. Much of Takeo province disappears in an annual inundation by the waters of the Mekong and Bassac rivers, leaving Takeo town isolated on the shore of a vast inland sea, and outlying villages transformed into islands. The provincial

Cambodian Street Food

Fresh Ang dtray meuk

The Khmer Rouge did everything possible to destroy the culture of Cambodia but cultural identity is strong and Cambodian cuisine and especially Cambodian street food is part of that. Enjoy delicious dishes very worthy- enjoying when you come to Cambodia. Here are the outstanding street dishes one should try when coming here Ang dtray meuk

Koh Kong- Cambodia

Koh Kong-paradise in Cambodia

Koh Kong is the capital of Koh Kong province in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains. It is 8km away from Cham Yeam, which is connected by Cambodia’s southernmost Thai border crossing to the Thai town of Hat Lek. Mekong river cruise Vietnam Koh Kong Island is considered one of the best beaches in South East Asia. There are no accommodations on Koh Kong