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Things to do in Pattaya


Besides Phuket, Pattaya is seemed to be the destination that can’t be ignored for national travel itinerary of every tourist. Here are a few suggestions to make your trip more exciting. Indochina travel Thailand Alcazar + Tiffany: Go to Pattaya, no one is unaware of the show of transgender people include two performances are Alcazar

Chaung Tha Beach – Myanmar

Chaung Tha Beach

Only about 40 kilometers far away from the west of Pathein of Ayeyawady region, it takes about 5 hours to conveniently drive from Yangon to the beautiful Chaung Tha Beach. Receiving its name from the small stream (Chaung) flowing at the western part of the village and the meaning pleasant of Tha in the Burmese

Wat Prayoon

Wat Prayoon

Not far from Wat Arun, the temple of the Dawn and so close to the banks of the Chao Phraya River situated Wat Prayoon that was built by Rama III early in the nineteenth century. Travel Indochina Myanmar Once entering the temple, what attracts your attention at the first sight is the big tump that

Pavilion Hotel

Outdoor swimming pool

Located in the middle of the historical centre of Phnom Penh, the Pavilion Hotel is an ideal hotel in the tourist site of Cambodia just a few steps from the Royal Palace, facing Wat Botum and the Royal Pagoda. Boasting unique heritage villas, a swimming pool in open space, one in the shade, and four

Mandalay Palace

Mandalay Palace

Built between 1857 and 1859 as part of King Mindon’s founding of the new royal capital city of Mandalay, the Mandalay Palace is the last royal palace of the last Burmese monarchy located in Mandalay. Mostly following the traditional Burmese palace design, inside a walled strong surrounded by a moat, the palace itself situated at

Le Tamarin Cruise

Le Tamarin

Launched in 2013 with the good quality and diversified services, Le Tamarin Cruise offers an exciting journey to discover and experience the hidden beauty of the scenery and working life of residents along the Mekong River which plays an important role in tourism potential of Southeast Asia. With many advantages, Le Tamarin is expected to

Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park

Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park

Situated in Mingin township of Sagaing division, covering an area of 620.35 square miles, the Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park is the largest national park in Burma (Myanmar). Established with the aim of being like a wildlife reserve in 1941 and opened as a national park in 1984, the park consists of the Patolon Reserved Forest

Thai Alangkarn Theater

Thai Alangkarn Theater

Covering an area of 80 rais, Thai Alangkarn Theater is one of the most unique attractions in Thailand located on Sukhumvit Road Jomtien, Pattaya. Prototype Hexa Stage Theatre, Cultural Rostrum and a Restaurant are included in this project. Indochina tours Thailand Thai Alangkarn Theater is proud to be the pioneer in presenting “The Thai Extravaganza

Bang Kung Camp

Dozens of life-size concrete statues of kick boxers displaying Muay Thai moves were also added to enrich the line of the whole fighting theme.

Located at Mu 4, Tambon Bang Kung, Bang Kung Camp is at once a Buddhist temple and a memorial to warrior heroism. At this sight you will see Bang Kung Temple, a temple encased in a tree and life size figures of Thai men engaged in Mauy Thai style fighting. Tours Indochina Thailand As King