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Mekong delta Discovery with Luxury Mekong boats

Mekong floating market

Mekong Delta, the region in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River (Mekong) approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries, including most of the provinces in southeastern Vietnam of 39,000 km2 wide. It is known for river systems, canals interwoven. Only one boat, one can go around to the most remote places

Cheap flights to Myanmar


Burma Myanmar – Located between Asia is a beautiful country known for ethnicity and culture unlike any other place. Myanmar, formerly called Burma, and the official name is the Republic of the Union of Myanmar , is a country in Southeast Asia , bordering the neighboring countries of Bangladesh , India , China , Laos

Best restaurants in Yangon

Green Elephant Restaurant in Yangon

Along with traditional Myanmar, Chinese, and Indian restaurants, there are now Italian, Japanese, Thai, Korean and western restaurants. Dining in Yangon is now beginning to reflect a more cosmopolitan character. You’ll also find fast food restaurants offering burgers and pizza, as well as cafes and coffee bars. There are hundreds of restaurants in Yangon, and

Lotus Flower Receiving Festival

Lotus Flower Receiving Festival

Being a district in Samut Prakan which has a large number of lotuses, Bang Phli is famous throughout Thailand for its Lotus Flower Receiving Festival. The 14th full-moon night of October ‘s morning is the last day before the ending of the Buddhist Lent. Mekong river tours Vietnam Buddhists come here to gather the flowers

Where to go in Myanmar


Myanmar is an extremely interesting destination for those who love adventure tourism because this country is still untouched. Tours Indochina Other Myanmar with Thailand and Cambodia because there is no cheap tour, not much fun, recreational, so that Myanmar is not the destination of many tourists Vietnam. We arrived at Yangon International Airport when the