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Myanmar’s travel tips

Noise-cancelling headphones are necessary

In spite of the advisedly welcome decision of the government to permit much wider press freedom, Myanmar that lacks the widespread infrastructure and western comforts found over the border in Thailand, is still a very different place to travel than those in Southeast Asian area. However, if following some tips, you can definitely get the

Internal Burma flights

Golden Myanmar Airline

If you have a plan to travel Myanmar for a short time, the best choice is booking internal flights, it is the most useful for maximum time savings and still not miss the beautiful and famous places here. Golden Myanmar Airlines (GMA) is a new low-cost carrier in the internal that have cheapest prices as

Cheap flights from Hanoi to Yangon

Inside Yangon International Airport

Yangon, Burma is becoming one of top favorite travel destinations in not only Burma but also the South East Asia. Thanks to untouched natural sceneries and unique culture, Vietnamese tourists are very keen on discovering this exotic land, which made them try to find all the ways to Yangon. The most popular way is cheap

Where to buy books in Yangon

Monument Books

With a cup of nice coffee, reading a book that you like on your day off is the most enjoyable! While many people are interested in shopping for clothes, some enjoy shopping for IT accessories, others just fall in love with books! Everyone has their way of reading different kinds of book as well as