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Enjoying the beauty of Hoian in March

The clear blue beauty of the sky and the scene in Hoian in March

Hoian was once a busy international port and a peaceful oasis of old Vietnam. It’s been considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site from 1999. Nowadays, Hoian is a place among the most beautiful and friendly destinations for travelers. Hoian is a favorite place to kick back, relax and learn about traditional Vietnamese culture. Particularly,

The beauty of bombax ceiba in March and April in Vietnam

Taking photos with bombax ceiba in Tram Pagoda

In Vietnam- a peaceful country located in the Indochinese Peninsula, there are many kinds of flowers blooming in seasons such as the peach flower in January, the lotus in September and so on. In particular, in March and April, if having chance to visit Vietnam, you will be attracted by a special kind of flower

Where to eat like a Saigonese

Banh cuon Hong Han

Saigon, which is the one-time capital of Southern Vietnam, is arguably the most exciting metropolis in Southeast Asia. Saigon, which is referred to officially by the government as Ho Chi Minh City since 1975, is a sprawling spread of suburbs, districts and cities within cities, each of which is steeped in history and marinated in

Getting potted in Siem Reap

Tourists will be fascinated by various activities taking place

When all the temples start to look alike and gift and souvenir shopping palls, it’s high time considered taking an hour or two to sink your hands into some genuine Cambodian clay. Even though a pottery class at the Khmer Ceramics and Art Center is hardly an in-depth encounter with traditional Khmer craft, it will

Top 5 delicious food in Hanoi, you should enjoy

noodle soup

Bread, Obama noodle burgers or grilled fish are popular dishes that can not be ignored when exploring the cuisine of the capital.Noodle soup in Hanoi (Pho) Noodle soup is a popular dish for breakfast in Vietnam but now you can be enjoyed it all days. The bone marrow is added and cinnamon is added to

For first time travelers to Vietnam

English is popular in tourist centers

Even though Vietnam is not the easiest destination to discover at first blush, with some notes for first time travelers to Vietnam, you can enjoy Indochina tours Vietnam at its best. Currency The Vietnamese dong (VND) is the Vietnam’s currency. It is approximately 23,000 VND to US$1. In most tourist centres across the country, international

Which Cambodian island paradise is right for you?

Koh Totang island

Country temples of Cambodia is a land of beautiful and mysterious. Besides the majestic and ancient Angkor Wat temple complex, Angkor Thom, the famous, Cambodia is known as a country with many islands pristine and extremely attractive and very clean so if trip Cambodia does the schedule you do not ignore it this island.Here is a

Experience train ride in Cambodia

Royal Railway

After waiting for 14 years, passengers are now able to take trains in Cambodia. There are good reasons why any travelers might like to let the train take the strain although train buffs will need no other excuse to get on board.Even though there are plans in the works for a wide network throughout the

Cambodia trip by Tuk Tuk

Driver a tuk tuk in Cambodia

Roamed the streets to explore Cambodia Tuk Tuk on the charming car will bring you a lot of fun . However, to be a smooth trip, and have new experiences, unforgettable, you should apply the following tips when you want to use this unique transportation. for more information, you can click: mekong river cruise luxury Please