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Delicious with weird looking weird dishes in Southeast Asia

Table-top Khmer barbecues

Not only being very diverse, abundant, Southeast Asian cuisine also always contains the “weird and unique”. There are many dishes which are so weird that you do not dare to touch and sample. But with just a little courage to try these Southeast Asian foods, you will find them delicious and nutritious as well! Let’s

Enjoy street food in Hoian

Tofu Hoian

Hoian impresses people with the beauty of ancient, additionally, it also makes people love it because of it delicious street foods. If you have chance to visit Hoian, don’t forget to try all street foods. These are some foods that you must enjoy once when come to Hoian. Travel to Hoian with:  cruise on mekong

Tourism destinations on April 30 holiday for the family in Vietnam

Waves in Sam Son beach

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark – Ha Giang Province If you are a travel enthusiast, the holiday season on April 30 – May 1 is the occasion for you to stay away from the noise of the city to the peaceful countryside, and Dong Van rocky plateau is a suggestion for you. You can read

Reunification Day in Vietnam

The reunification procession in Hanoi

Reunification Day in Vietnam, or Liberation Day, is a day of patriotic anniversary for many Vietnamese people.Aside from the political and military victory of Vietnam’s reunification, the Vietnamese people celebrate Reunification Day because of the development that occurred as a result of the South’s and North’s cooperation with each other. Also known as Liberation day,


Full of interesting night activities in Hanoi

When the last ray of daylight come out, the city lights up and transforms into a vibrant nightlife with busy boutiques. Many tourists have lamented about the exciting activities including tasting street food, walking around Old Quarter, Karaoke bars, sidewalk lemon tea and beer, night market…Enjoy best night life in Hanoi with: mekong eyes cruise Animated

Where to enjoy the best Vietnamese dishes in Ho Chi Minh City

Com tam Saigon

Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particularly have an incredibly broad food culture. If you do not have much time in Saigon, besides Pho – the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine, banh mi, bun bo Hue, oc, com tam and chuoi nuong are what you have to try at least once. Not only


Đồng Xuân market in the past and present

Not only is the market a place for exchanging, purchasing goods,but it is also a place to clearly show the culture of a region. From North to South, at these 4 best markets, visitors not only buy the favorite items, but also discover the cultural features of different regions in Vietnam. authentic mekong Đồng Xuân Market

The top outdoor adventure activities in Vietnam are voted for you

The challenge with the waves

Vietnam has a lot of potential when it is a perfect place for adventure travelers to get involved in. Beyond the ability to go mountain trekking in the northern region of the country, travellers can also experience kite surfing, sea kayaking, rock climbing, outstanding trekking and other fun activities. Taking part in an adventure tour will