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7 days in Vietnam tour, what to eat

What to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

You might wonder if you have just 7 days in Vietnam what you should do, where you should go and what you should eat. The first 2 questions have been answered by previous series. The series today will focus on the third common issue, what to eat. Specifically, this article will introduce you the most delicious food in Hanoi, the capital of this S-shaped country.

  1. Hanoi_The sleepless city
Sleepless city

Sleepless city

Hanoi has many things to eat. And the most wonderful fact is that you can eat whenever you want, at any time your stomach orders. You can eat in Hanoi, Vietnam in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at the dawn, at night if you want. You can say that this city has never slept although it is not as noisy or vibrant as its Southern counterpart, Ho Chi Minh city. However, from my experience when traveling to other European countries or Australia, it is much easier to spot a good place to eat there, while in the cities in the Northern hemisphere, it might be considered to be a hard job. If you are a food lover and your biological clock is quite different from others, like you might feel hungry at the special time of the day when no one serves you in your hometown; you might find Hanoi a heaven on Earth.

  1. The high-end food eaters

One of the most popular concerns of foreigners when coming to food in Vietnam is hygiene. My friend once told me that although she was a novelty seeker, she still feel anxious when eating street food in Vietnam. She is afraid that if the food is poisonous or her body is not getting used to the local food, she might suffer from allergy or even asthma. As a result, the whole plan could be canceled, and obviously, the whole trip might turn to be a disaster instead of being a wonderful time in an exotic country. Because obviously, without a healthy body, she might be not able to visit the destination she wanted or meet interesting people she might have seen on her traveling way. Therefore, it is reasonable to be a high-end food eater when coming to a new country, where your body has not got acquainted with the ingredients and cooking style there.

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In fact, I myself choose to eat at a reliable restaurant instead if local street vendors; especially when I travel alone.

Cha Ca La Vong, must eat food in Hanoi

Cha Ca La Vong, must eat food in Hanoi

However, it is widely believed that the best of the best street food in this S-shaped country lies in a pavement, where you are scared to sit in. Actually, it is a big mistake. Believe me, anywhere in the world has people like us, who put the health safety as the top priority, which leads to the fact that there is always the niche market for us. For example, Hanoi is really famous for a fish dish named Cha Ca La Vong. Actually, it is some kind of fresh fish fried in hot pan with spring onion and dill. It is super delicious, you must try it if you are not allergic to fish or any other ingredient. In Hanoi, there are only some notable restaurants which can make this dish like an art. Though compared to some local shops, the price might be a little more expensive. However, compared to your hometown, it might sound absolutely normal. 2 people might have cost around 200 thousand Vietnam dong, which is relatively about 10 US dollar. The price is super cheap compared to the quality of the food and the service you might receive. You might throw at least five times that amount of money at a similar restaurant in your hometown.

If you do not know where to go, you can ask your local friends, especially those whose hearts devote to Hanoian cuisine. If you do not have such “soulmate”, you can book a guided Hanoi tour. The experienced staff there will surely give you what you want, take you to places you can enjoy the tastiest food with the highest hygiene standard at the most reasonable price.

  1. To easy eaters
What to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

What to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam- source: internet

If your stomach has been trained in many trips before, you should try experiencing many cheap and tasty foods in Vietnam. Thanks to its special geographical and historical features, Hanoi has built a really unique cuisine for thousand years. Why and how it is a one of a kind will be discussed more in the next articles. They will not only give you some interesting information on Hanoi culture, especially cuisine but also introduce the best of the best, which you have to try when visiting the capital of Vietnam. I hope that this series will be beneficial for you or the one you love, who plan to visit this wonderful city in this amazing year, 2018.

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