A visit to Van Long Lagoon | Cruise Mekong River

A visit to Van Long Lagoon

Boat trip to explore Van Long

A tour to Ninh Binh – the northern province might contain trips to famous destinations including: Trang An tourist area and Tam Coc – Bich Dong. However, Van Long Lagoon, which is a silent beauty, often unnoticed, sits in this part of the country, is truly worth the stop.  luxury Indochina tours

Van Long Lagoon

Van Long Lagoon -source: internet

Situated about 80km from Hanoi, in Gia Vien district, Van Long Lagoon, whose quiet body of water is surrounded by limestone mountains and several magnificent caves, each with a mysterious and unique beauty, is also the largest wetland reserve in northern Vietnam serving as home to thousands of flora and fauna.

Having two Vietnam records: the largest natural painting and the home to the biggest community of Delacour’s langur, the legendary land of Van Long is a beautiful area as well as the largest natural reserve of wetlands. And to exploring Van Long, sitting on boat must be the best way. A natural wall surrounded by a vast expanse of water is created by a large space with spectacular mountain ranges.

Boat trip to explore Van Long

Boat trip to explore Van Long -source: internet

Van Long natural reserve, which covers a total area of 3000 hectares, has 32 beautiful grottoes such as: Bong Grotto, Chanh Grotto, Rua Grotto and Ca Grotto, each of which has a unique charm. Some of Van Long’s large caves are valuable in the tourism development of this region.

Ca grotto in the Hoang Quyen Mountain, which is at the length of 250 meters, at the height of 8 meters and at the width of 10 meters, is thought to be the most beautiful grotto. The ceiling includes stalactites at different strange shapes like fish and animal.

Van Long is home to thousands of flora and fauna

Van Long is home to thousands of flora and fauna -source: internet

There are 457 species of higher plants found in the Van Long forest, particularly, 8 of these species are recorded in Vietnam Red book such as: lizards, oriental Rat snake, water monitor and king cobra. There are 39 animal species, with 12 species of rare animals including: white shorts langur accounting for the largest number in Vietnam, stump-tailed macaque, Asian black bear, Bengal slow Loris and chamois, etc.

Van Long in the dry season is the wintering spot of migratory birds coming from the North: hundreds of white stork, night herons and dozens of teal, grey heron and pheasants. Coming to Van Long natural reserve, tourists should visit historic relic of Dinh Tien Hoang, Dich Long cave, Mai Trung Temple, Chi Le Temple and the “Thi tree”-600 years old.

Van Long is the winter place of migratory birds from the North

Van Long is the winter place of migratory birds from the North -source: internet

Known as “the bay without wave” as when being on a boat, travelers will see a flat surface like a big mirror, Van Long wetland is a place with attractive landscape. The strong sculpt of limestone: Co Tien Mountain, Mo Coi Mountain, Nghien Mountain, Da Ban Mountain, Hom Sach Mountain, Mam Xoi Mountain and Meo Cao Mountain reflex the watercolor paintings.

Not only being a submerged nature reserve, thanks to many relics, Van Long is also a site of historical heritage. Not only a mecca for eco-tourism, this area is also a place to study for Vietnamese and foreign students and researchers.

Van Long is well worth your stop

Van Long is well worth your stop -source: internet

It is a boat ride to discover the area that helps to acquaint one with both wide and peaceful spectacular scenery. Here, a tour starts on a deserted wharf and on small basket boats made of bamboo that can accommodate only two or three persons at the same time. Before ending in Kem tram, the boat ride takes you about two hours to complete.

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