Boat trip on Mekong Delta | Cruise Mekong River

Boat trip on Mekong Delta

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Mekong Delta is well-known for its rivers, canals, waterways crossing and interlacing each other that only with a small boat can tourists have access to every single corner in the area. Taking a boat trip drifting on Mekong Delta cruise promises travelers with relaxing time. Also, travelers can have a chance to enjoy fresh fruits or a bowl of noodle right on the boat while passing the floating markets.

An overview of Mekong Delta from fly-cam

An overview of Mekong Delta from fly-cam- source: internet

Travelling boats on Mekong Delta are designed with different shapes and sizes which can flexibly meet the demands and expectations of tourists. Tourists can opt for small boats which are small enough to travel in the daytime or the bigger ones concluding sleeping room for their overnight trips. Either way, it guarantees travelers with exceptional experiences of nature and local residents living along and even on the river. Travel to Mekong with: Indochina tours and travel

A luxurious cruise for tourists drifting on Mekong Delta

A luxurious cruise for tourists drifting on Mekong Delta- source: internet

At the same time, the duration of the journey is totally up to visitors; however, the most common one is prone to be a two or three-day trip on the cruise. As for this choice, travelers will be granted with the opportunity to sleep, eat and do every single activity on a wooden boat.

Additionally, tourists will also transfer into a tiny boat which will lead them around narrow waterways with coconuts and verdant plants on the sides or visit small abundant islets on the river. It will definitely set your mind free and reward you with incredible moments that you can emerge yourself completely with the oars punding into the water.

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