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Cambodian culture and tradition

Traditional Khmer theatre

Claimed to be a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism as well as reflecting a country rich in history and heritage, the culture of the Cambodian people is worth discovering. Practised by more than 90% of the population, Theravada Buddhism is the formal religion of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Tours Indochina Cambodia

Used in almost social contexts containing of government administration, education at all grades as well as in the mass media, Khmer which is spoken by more than seven million people accounting for 90 percent of the population living there is the official language of Cambodia.

Traditional Khmer theatre

Traditional Khmer theatre – source:

Regional differences are not really sharp and often mutually transparent. Modern Khmer which is based on the vernacular of the capital city of Phnom Penh, is used throughout the nation and extensively understood by its habitants. They also borrowed from Sanskrit or Pali and change them into much Khmer lexicon used in literature, the administration and the military. Because of many years of French colonial rule, the language has also incorporated with numerous French words. Cambodia travel tours

The complex culture of Cambodia reflects the long and varied history of the country. Significantly influenced by India, this country also has been influenced by many neighboring countries.

Royal Ballet

Royal Ballet – source:

Throughout the long history of Cambodia, religion has been playing an important role as a main source of cultural inspiration. More than almost two millennia, Cambodians have created a featured Khmer belief from the amalgamation of native animistic beliefs and the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism of the Indian. Indian culture and civilization containing of its languages and arts appeared on the mainland Southeast Asia around the first century AD. It is often claimed that merchants traveling by sea brought Indian customs and culture to ports standing along the Gulf of Thailand and the Pacific en route to have commercial relation with China.

Cambodians who are very traditional in their way of daily life have been raised to respect national Cambodian culture. Coming here, tourists will be warmly welcomed by the well mannered Cambodian representing a friendly “Chumreap Suor” when meeting locals.

Apsara dance

Apsara dance – source:

In Cambodia, there are several classical dance forms, of which a highly stylized art form was used to be interned mostly to the courts of the royal palace and presented mainly by local females. Officially known in Khmer as Robam Apsara, the dancers of this classical dance are usually considered as Apsara dancers. This amazing dance form was introduced the first time to abroad countries and the most famous during the 1960s as the Khmer Royal Ballet.

The Classic Apsara Dance is especially inspired by the style from around over a thousand Apsara carvings in the spectacular complex of the Angkor temple. A visit to Cambodia will not be complete without attending at least one such interesting traditional dance performance.

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