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Cambodian Street Food

Fresh Ang dtray meuk

The Khmer Rouge did everything possible to destroy the culture of Cambodia but cultural identity is strong and Cambodian cuisine and especially Cambodian street food is part of that. Enjoy delicious dishes very worthy- enjoying when you come to Cambodia.

Here are the outstanding street dishes one should try when coming here

Ang dtray meuk

Fresh Ang dtray meuk

Fresh Ang dtray meuk

Ang dtray meuk is what Cambodian people call for grilled squid. In the coastal town of Sihanoukville and Kep, tourists can easily see the hawkers carrying small charcoal- burning ovens on their shoulders, cooking the squids as they walk along the shore and serve food right on the beach. The squids are brushed with either lime juice or fish sauce then grilled on wooden skewers and served with a distinctive sauce of Cambodia. This sauce is made from garlic, fresh chili, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. Whole squids are placed on wire grills over the burning wood or coals and seared quickly. This food is best sampled during summer. Mekong river cruise Cambodia

Twa ko: Cambodian sausage

Cambodian sausage made from beef or pork

Cambodian sausage made from beef or pork

Just like any good homemade sausage, the authentic Khmer sausage contains at least 20-25 % fat. City dwellers and travellers who happen to pass by can not resist the mouth- watering aroma of freshly charcoal grilled twa ko. A small pig intestine is washed out and scraped thin to be used as a casing for the beef filling. Then they mix the citronella, peanuts, meat, seasoning and salt all together and stuff the mixture into the pig intestine until full. This is a delicious appetizer for summer barbecues to accompany a nice cool beer. A touch of sourness of the sausage will nicely balance the bitterness of the beer. Vietnam travel packages

Lord cha: short worm

Lord cha looks like noodles

Lord cha looks like noodles

You can buy lord cha at any Cambodian street car from a motorbike or a tuk tuk driver craving a late night snack. Lord cha is a rice noodles and a scrambled or fried egg combo, stir- fried with bean sprouts and scallion slivers and enveloped in a perfectly seasoned, slightly sweet sauce redolent with such familiar flavoring ingredients as ginger, garlic,lemongrass and green onions. On the edge of the cooking dish there are 2 types of num kachay (rice cakes with chives). The round ones are stuffed with chives and the square ones are like a cake with chives distributed throughout. Before eating this fast food, add soy sauce and a great portion of chili.

Another famous treat from Cambodia is the street food. Come and enjoy it.

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