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Cost of living in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

A few years ago, Phnom Penh has crowded market with a lot of large shopping malls springing up to meet the needs of visitors from budget to luxury. Especially prices are lower than other countries in the region. Travel Indochina Cambodia

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh – source:

So when you choose to live in Cambodia, you’re not too worried about his financial problems.

The famous brands like Gucci, Bvlgari, Louis vuitton, Skinny, Zara, Mango to customers in Vietnam, Thailand, China … are available at the shopping center in Phnom Penh. In particular, business center Sorya, New Market, Fair Russia (Russian), Olympic Market, Market Bamboo (Phsa Orussey) contiguous, very convenient for your shopping tour.

Import duties of Cambodian commodities are not too high, so it is easy to understand why Cambodia turned into cheap. Cambodia tours packages

Living in Phnom Penh, you can go shopping in some famous malls. Sorya ‘s commercial center of branded residence is the real example. This is one of the major commercial center and luxury Phnom Penh. With dozens of large and small pavilions, closely, designed and eye-catching layout. Clothes, bags mounted renowned name brands, Swiss watches … with both, but the price, quality and origin of goods.

Sorya 's commercial center

Sorya ‘s commercial center – source:

If you want to have a new car for a new life in Phnom Penh, the New Market is the best choice. New Market is located far from 2 blocks Sorya, it is bringing art architecture is very characteristic, is seen as one of the symbols of Phnom Penh. Along the side of the entrance to the fair is two rows of shops selling souvenirs: postcards, T-shirts printed symbol of Cambodia, pictures of silver, especially characterized Krama scarf.

New Market

New Market – source:

New Market area is near the road where cars is selling like toys, made many Vietnamese tourists feel fascinated. People love cars must be also overwhelmed by the used car outlets in Phnom Penh: above, below 10 dollars for a bike, motorcycles; 200 and $ 500 for a car. The vehicles are mostly second hand cars in the US and Japan is imported from Taiwan, Japan.

Silk products in Cambodia, people still made the traditional manual method. The products made from silk can be listed as : scarves, head scarves , silk , Koh Dach … islands situated about 18km from Phnom Penh ‘s famous sites of the products are made of silk Assuming reference: a scarf made from silk sold at the market usually costs around $ 2. If you buy a lot, then you can pay the lower price.

Russia is adjacent markets New markets broadly, commodity rich, is the people’s favorite backpacker. Most prominent is the VCD, DVD, CD and clothing products imported from these countries. The jewelry in gold and silver also sold well throughout. Russian market is the place to buy fabric and garment accessories. Guests can order at the local shop around for fairly soft.

Go to the Russian market can easily communicate in Vietnamese. It is considered as a showroom sidewalk because they can easily buy all kinds of second hand leather bag with enough labels, pretty cheap price.

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