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Da Lat- a taste of nature

The pleasant weather in Da Lat
Da Lat is the capital of Lam Dong province. This city will remind you a lot of about Paris because of not only famous for its beautiful sceneries with 4 seasons in the year but another thing that not many people know about Da Lat is a special cuisine made from local flowers, fruits and vegetables. So let’s follow me to find out more about.  For further information about Dalat, you can click: The best Indochina tours
The pleasant weather in Da Lat

The pleasant weather in Da Lat- source: internet

There are many different kinds of flowers in Da Lat. However, the artichoke is considered the trademark flower of this city. The artichoke is the perennial plant native to the Mediterranean region. They were grown by the ancient Greeks and Romans and were first planted in Italy and gradually introduced to France in the 16th century. a with stewed pork leg or they just boiled it. But nowadays, you can have a cup of artichoke tea when coming to Da Lat. It helps reduce body temperature, allegedly and purifies the body. Artichoke tea has unique flavor and has become one of the last most popular products. Tourists coming here often buy it escapes for their loved ones.

Check in at artichoke garden in Da La

Check in at artichoke garden in Da La- source: internet

Truly be told, the French proved very successful with many kinds of the fruits and vegetables. In addition to artichokes, strawberry is the one. Strawberries were apparently only brought to Da Lat in the 1940s. The local environment seems ideal for growing the popular berries and very quickly became a new local specialty. Strawberries are a healthy fruit and unknown to contain a lot of vitamins. I guess that you will have the same feeling with me when enjoy the sigh-seeing and collecting strawberry tour at the moment. Before coming here, you will be very curious about how the strawberries were grown which season they harvest the fruit.

Da Lat cuisine is always a charming thing that keeps tourists coming back. Nothing is better than visit a new land and enjoy the local foods and find out more about the local life as well. “Xiu Mai” bread is the one you can not miss. From many simple ingredients like garlic, shallots, and minced pork, the special features of this dish are small pieces of pork skin and also must-have ingredients is distilled chili sauce to add spicy taste and beautiful red color. The meat is very well seasoned and go very well with the bread. That makes Xiu Mai attractive both in terms of look and taste. centre vietnam tours packages

Xiu Mai with bread

Xiu Mai with bread- source: internet

After finishing your meal with Xiu Mai bread, you can have a cup of coffee in the nearby. Visitors can not miss this famous cafe when visit Da Lat. It is called the Da Lat train café. The unique feature of this place is that it is located inside an antique train. This is an old train car from 1910 and built in France but it has been moved to Da Lat in 2012. The entire train interior has been redesigned by the owner in order to make it more elegant and cozy. On the wall, there are many photos of trains from all over the world and of course, the coffee here is so amazing. Located in the center of the coffee production with a lot of old plantations with the old Arabica trees, Da Lat coffee has a unique flavor. Maybe the romantic sceneries here have played an important part in enhancing the coffee.

The old train- a strange space for enjoying a cup of coffee

The old train- a strange space for enjoying a cup of coffee- source: internet

After a busy day discovering the city with 4 seasons in a day, nothing is better than sitting on small chairs and trying to taste a glass of hot soy milk on the chilly night which can give you a moment of tranquility and fall deeper for Da Lat.

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