Discover top interesting places in Quang Binh, centre Vietnam | Cruise Mekong River

Discover top interesting places in Quang Binh, centre Vietnam

Heaven Cave

After a series of stunning photographs in the Chay River – Suoi Nuoc Mooc (Quang Binh) aired, the site was immediately dubbed the “Paradise is real” in Vietnam, which seems to just be present and sightseeing only, every sorrow inside you will immediately vanish. Indochina tours Vietnam

  1. Heaven Cave

To be active in Heaven, you must buy an entrance ticket price of 250k / 1 person, then walk or take the tram up (60k / 100k 1-way or 2-way). Dynamic pretty cool climate, fresh. Dynamic depth of about 1km, with the creation of the natural wonders with stalactites shaped ice cubes, very attract tourists to visit the tourist Quang Binh.

Heaven Cave

Heaven Cave – source:

  1. Mooc river

From Heaven, you go further 10km is close to Mooc river. Admission 540k / 3 people (including spring bathing, kayak and play games). Note here not to bring outside food in, but to buy the resort (very affordable prices). Here, you spoiled experience a range of leisure on the river or just sitting, eating and sightseeing alone is great enough. Centre Vietnam travel packages

Mooc river

Mooc river – source:

  1. Chay River – Dark Cave
Chay River and Dark Cave gate

Chay River and Dark Cave gate – source:

Tickets Dark Cave is 270,000VND per person, but does not include the cost of dark cave explorers that only zipline, kayak and play games on the river. If you want to go to the Hang Up to caving, mud baths, then buy tickets priced at 450,000VND.

  1. Jumping rocks

Far away 30km fromDong Hoi City, rock-jumping with unspoiled scenery extremely beautiful, with rolling boulders. You can comfortably swim or… taking pictures posted on Facebook. Also, Tuan Anh with friends while visiting interesting Quang Phu and Dunes where he hired skis (price 30k 1 female) to experience the exciting sliding sand. If you go into the sunset, you will have the opportunity to watch the sunset there again.

Rock-jumping with unspoiled scenery extremely beautiful

Rock-jumping with unspoiled scenery extremely beautiful – source:

Me Xuan food shop (down 3 Ly Thuong Kiet and Le Thanh Dong) with tapioca pudding dishes and renowned nậm contemplate the four quarter (line 18 She Eight) cake was delicious but the price is very cheap, 86 Cao Ba Quat tea just 36k for 3 tea cup mixed… It is a meaneaningful trip which  was fully satisfy both visual and component parts belly.

– From Hanoi, you can ride straight to bed to Dong Hoi City (Quang Binh) for 10 hours. In Dong Hoi City, you rent a motorbike for $ 150k 1 day, so that you can visit interesting and comfortable.

– Beds should book tickets in advance than 1 week on holidays or high season to avoid being without a bed or extra bed to lie.

– If traveling east, at 5.6 persons transplantation 1, the cost of the hotel rooms will be more cheaper.

– You can rent dorm at Hostel Buffalo, 1 room with bunk beds for the group 6 of people with price 100,000VND / 1 bed. Rooms are clean, air-conditioning, full of hot air.

– Be equipped with sunscreen because the sun Quang Binh quite fierce.

– Quan Tu usually very crowded so you have to eat out early to not wait.

– If time allows, you can also visit interesting Dong Hoi City in the following locations: visit at the Tam Toa church, Nhat Le Beach, monuments Throughout her, Quang Binh Quang port, Giac Pagoda, peninsula Bao Ninh

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