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E-bike tour in Bagan

Travelling around Bagan by E

Often mentioned as one of the world’s most amazing man-made sights (in one breath with the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Gizeh, Petra or Machu Picchu, the Angkor Wat and Borobudur, the name Bagan evokes images of mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets, authentic villages, farmers working the land, ox carts slowly rolling by and magnificent ancient temples as far as your eyes can see. Let’s explore the beauty of Bagan  with:  Indochina holidays Myanmar

Where to watch sunrise and sunset

Sunrise at the Dhammayangyi Temple

Sunrise at the Dhammayangyi Temple- source: internet

Sunrise and sunset are the most magical moments at Bagan. It is no easy feat to gett up for sunrise at 5 AM, but it is fantastic to see the sun go up from atop the Shwesandaw Pagoda. You can only take a hot air balloon ride to surpass it, but expect the price to be a little bit high (at more than 300 USD per person).

The Shwesandaw Pagoda is also the best spot to watch the sunset in spite of the tourist crowds. You have to get there an hour early for a good spot on the upper terraces as it is the most famous sunset viewing point in Bagan.

The Buledi stupa, which is also closer to Nyaung U, is a nice and much quieter sunset alternative. Always have your Archeological Zone ticket with you in order to avoid disappointment. Despite looking ho-hum from afar, this steep-stepped, pyramid-style stupa, whose narrow terrace has become something of an alternative sunset spot, is great for its views. Unfortunately, Buledi remains closed for the interim as it was one of many temples in Bagan to be badly damaged in the serious 2016 quake.

E-bike is the best way to go

Travelling around Bagan by E

Travelling around Bagan by E- source: internet

Traveling by bicycle, horse cart or E-bike are three ways to explore the temples. It is possible to rent an E-bike, which are actually a little bit like an electric scooter) for about USD $5 a day. It is not much more expensive than rental fee for a bicycle. Foreigners are not allowed to use motorbikes in Bagan but bicycles and e-bikes. Tours in Myanmar

With an E-bike, you can easily cover big distances and get to the more outlying pagodas, it should be the best way to explore Bagan. In spite of the tarmac main roads, there are also many sand roads in the Bagan Archaeological Zone, which covers a total area of 13 x 8 kilometers. These sand roads are much more difficult to negotiate on a normal bicycle than on an E-bike. Besides that: you will cool of while riding your E-bike instead of sweating from the exertion of cycling.

Why is E Bike tour well worth your time?

The Best Way To See Bagan

The Best Way To See Bagan- source: internet

With a guided half-day E Bike tour of the ancient city of Bagan, you can discover all the spectacular temples and ruins with the real flexibility of being able to make a stop at any places at any time to embrace the impressive surroundings and take many nice photos. This is also an informative tour, where you can pay a visit to some of the most famous yet lesser known temples scattered around this countryside and know more about Burmese culture and their history. Effortlessly riding along dirt roads and surrounding yourself with the history of this sacred land, it is truly a memorable experience!

How to See Bagan by E-Bike

An E-bike tour gives you the flexibility

An E-bike tour gives you the flexibility- source: internet

All hotels in Bagan have E-bikes for rent and it is possible to rent it right from your hotel. Just go for a walk and you will be certain to come across a large number of roadside shops that rent them as well if that does not work for you. However, if you rent E-bike from your hotel and get some troubles with your bike, you can have them send someone out to help you. There is a pretty good chance they will not if you rent from that bike shop on the side of the road.

No matter where you choose to rent your E-bike, they offer the same bikes at the same prices. There is no negotiation on the one off rental as all prices are fixed. Depending on the size of the bike, it costs $7.00-$12.00 for a full day of E-Bike adventure. Depending on the bike size, they can cost $5.00-$7.00 if you just need it for a sunrise or sunset. Go ahead and try to negotiate a deal if you rent for multiple days and are willing to pay up front.

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