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Eating three meals for less than $5 in Phnom Penh

Eating three meals for less than $5 in Phnom Penh

The cost of food in Phnom Penh sometimes makes visitors surprised and excited. If you know where to look, it is perfectly possible to eat for 20,000 riel or $5 a day. Putting aside thoughts of familiar nosh and get experimental is the first trick to cheap meals. Vietnam travel tours

Eating three meals for less than $5 in Phnom Penh

Eating three meals for less than $5 in Phnom Penh

The Khmer breakfast is much kinder on the pocket although a Western equivalent can set you back $5 all by itself. You will be adopting the right cheapie mindset if thinking of rice and pork as the equivalent of a bacon sandwich. Next, there is really no need to pay for that can of Coke as tea (called teuk dtai) is always free in Cambodian restaurants. The best way to save some cash and meet some new favourite foods is eating local ingredients served in local eateries.

Served at numerous stalls across the city, the Cambodian staple of pork and rice (bai sach chrouk) is excellent for breakfast. Look for a place with a plastic covered table and a few stools with huge metal pots of rice and a glass case full of freshly grilled pork. Depending on portion sizes and whether you get a fried egg or soup alongside, price can range from 2,500 to 5,000 riel. Bor bor rice porridge, fried noodles and kuy teav noodle soup, for a similar price are other breakfast options.

Fried noodles in Phnom Penh

Fried noodles in Phnom Penh-source:

An iced coffee is the perfect complement to a street breakfast if you are in need of a little caffeine to kick start your day. To order your coffee just the way you like it, get your tongue around some basic vocabulary.

You can find a choice of dishes for lunchtime at the food court area in most markets. Be warned that the food stalls in the center of the Russian Market, which is popular for shopping, can be pretty sweltering come noontime. Instead, with white tiled counters lined down the west side outside the market building, the Central Market might attract you for the other attractive options. You will be full of some spring rolls, pork skewers or banh xeo plus a sugar cane juice for less than 8,000 riel.

Spring rolls in Phnom Penh

Spring rolls in Phnom Penh-source:

Scout the carts that perambulate around the city streets for an afternoon snack or evening refuel. Doing the business for 2,000-3,000 riel, a takeaway carton overpiled with a fried egg, spinach and stir-fried lort (short rice noodles also called as ‘worm noodles’), is a great choice. Look out for the doughnut lady selling sticky loveliness for 500 riel each portion or grab 1,500 riel worth of steamed or barbecued corn on the cob along riverside. Mekong delta cruises

Food cart in Phnom Penh

Food cart in Phnom Penh-source:

Lucky Pho which has filling soup for 10,000 riel and Warung Bali, whose menu is also easy on the wallet are perfect options for those who want to treat themselves to dinner on a chair where their knees do not reach their ears. At the end of Street 19, close to the Independence Monument, dedicated economical eaters can find a late night rice and pork restaurant that also serves ribs and chicken for 5,000-6,000 riel. For 3,000 to 6,000 riel, you can enjoy all manner of meatballs and vegetables at the carts selling noodle soup.

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