Enjoy the best moment with Vietnam itinerary in 10 days for family | Cruise Mekong River

Enjoy the best moment with Vietnam itinerary in 10 days for family

Tasting fresh tropical fruits- the main merchandise of the floating market
Your family is on vacation going through a series of countries including Vietnam, in addition, you are able to spend 10 days only in this beautiful country, however, you are wondering about how to make the best itinerary for your family. Let’s consider about the suggested itinerary below:Itinerary: Ho Chi Minh City – Cu Chi Tunnel – NhaTrang – Hanoi – Bat Trang village – Halong Bay

This Vietnam itinerary in 10 days for the family is going through many of must-visit places from South up to North

Day 1: Saigon arrival

Day 2: Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels and half-day Hochiminh city tour

Day 3: Cai Be- Discovering floating market on Mekong Delta

Day 4: Saigon- Nhatrang

Day 5: Leisure at Nha Trang beach

Day 6: Nhatrang- Hanoi

Day 7: Half-day Hanoi city tour by cyclo – Visiting Bat Trang ceramic village

Day 8: Hanoi – Halong Bay

Day 9: Halong Bay – Hanoi

Day 10: Hanoi departure

The 10-day trip seems to be quite short for a vacation in a country with as much variety as Vietnam. Therefore, we would like to highlight below some sites and activities your family shouldn’t miss to have the best memorable time together. This trip is specialized to meet the needs of family and definitely suit all members from grandparents to little kids.

Day 1: Arriving at Tan Son Nhat airport, Ho Chi Minh city (also called Saigon)

After landing off, you are transferred to a hotel in the city. You have time for relaxation after a long international flight. In the evening, parents and children can hang out to discover Saigon’s beauty at night or visit Ben Thanh night market.

Overnight in Saigon

Day 2: Half-day Saigon city tour and visiting Cu Chi tunnels

The first destinations in Vietnam itinerary in 10 days for your family are Ho Chi Minh City and Cu Chi tunnels. Your excursion started by traveling 60km from Ho Chi Minh City to Cu Chi tunnel built during the French and American war by Vietnamese soldiers with the aim of protecting and fighting against enemies.

Soldiers lived underground in order to avoid bomb attacks

Soldiers lived underground in order to avoid bomb attacks

After arriving, you should spend a half of hour watching a short film to deeply understand the history that makes advantages for you when sightseeing some allowable parts of this tunnel. Moreover, you and your kids can try some typical soldier’s food like cassava.

On the way out, tourists (except children) are offered a uniquely interesting experience of shooting real bullets. Of course, it’s totally safe. Alternatively, you can stop at souvenir shops for shopping.

You return to the city in the late morning for Vietnamese lunch, don’t worry about whether your kids can get familiar with the local cuisine, the various kid’s favorite dishes like fast food, KFC is easy to find.

After lunch, you’re delighted in visiting some of the famous sites in Ho Chi Minh City like Notre Dame Cathedral, the Reunification Palace, the former presidential palace during the old South Vietnam government, the war Remnant Museum where you are probably impressed by various artifacts, photographs and pictures taken during the war.

 Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon

Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon

You can flexibly change to go 3D Artinus Museum where your kids find interests.  If you don’t go to Ben Thanh market on the first day of your travel itinerary in Vietnam, do not hesitate to visit one of the most bustling markets in Vietnam. Additionally, entertainment centers are appropriate choices for your family to relax in the evening. Remember come back hotel soon, because we’ll have such a busy day ahead.

Day 3: Visiting floating market on Mekong Delta

Cai Be floating market “must” be included in an itinerary for 10 days of many tourists. If you prefer to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sunrise on the river with your family, you should get up at 5 am. In case some of the members in your family can’t wake up early, It’s ok to starts at 7.am so your family is on the market when it’s busiest. At that time, there are thousands of both big and small boats filled with agricultural products, even modern commodities.

The floating market scene in the most crowded time

The floating market scene in the most crowded time

Your private boat will cruise you around the market, so you should notice that in front of each boat, there is a bamboo stick where sellers post their sample products on. If you want to buy something, just look at a bamboo stick. Don’t worry about scamming because people here sell and buy in honesty. For some kinds of tropical fruits, you can try before making a decision of purchasing or not.

Tasting fresh tropical fruits- the main merchandise of the floating market

Tasting fresh tropical fruits- the main merchandise of the floating market

Aftermarket is nearly closed (usually after 10.m), your family have an opportunity to explore more deeply about local people’s life by getting closer to floating houses and villages along the banks. Furthermore, your family can do a trial on a job of a fisherman by catching fish with the net. Fascinatingly, what you and your kids catch is the main ingredients for dinner.

Finishing an “exhausted” day but full of excitements, you have time to relax when back to the city. Overnight in Sai Gon.

Day 4: Saigon-Nhatrang

A domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang takes about 40-45 minutes. Contrasting with the bustling of Saigon, Nha Trang welcomes your family with sunny and windy weather of one of the best wonderful beaches along Vietnam’s coast. Surely, every member of your family feels very relaxed.

“A miniature ocean” of Tri Nguyen Aquarium

“A miniature ocean” of Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Day 5: Exploring islands and snorkeling tour

The picturesque sunrise of Nha Trang’s beach is worth waking up early. A private boat takes your family to some typical islands.

The 1st island you stop is Mieu island where Tri Nguyen Aquarium (in shape of an ancient fossil ship) is housed. You can see thousands of marine species that is a good educational way for your children.

These physical activities certainly drive you to “starve”, so you can feel “crazy” about the lunch with fresh seafood.

Your family may consider the good alternative choice of spending all day in the Vinpearl Land Amusement Park. It is located on its own island and surrounded by wonderful beaches and luxury resorts. To get the park, your family can choose either speedboat or cable car over the sea.

This amusement park offers to tourists the ultimate experiences with a series of adventurous games, or interesting family games, water park, aquarium, 3D films, etc. Overnight in Nha Trang.

Overcome your fear with roller-coasters

Overcome your fear with roller-coasters

Day 6: Nhatrang- Hanoi

Before flying to Hanoi, your family should try some hours of truly relaxing at Spa in Nha Trang with Vietnamese treatments.

Saying goodbye to the amazing Nha Trang, you land in Hanoi after a flight lasting approximately 2 hours.

The peaceful city of Hanoi is always on almost Vietnam itinerary for both short or long time of travel.  Hanoi knows well how to keep visitors by showing itself “a unique breath” you can’t find any elsewhere in the world.

After arriving in Hanoi, so make the best use of your evening by stopping at any coffee shop to enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee, especially egg coffee (made with egg yolk, condensed milk and coffee).

A delicious bowl of Pho

A delicious bowl of Pho

Day 7: Half-day of Hanoi Cycle tour and visiting Bat Trang ceramic village

Let get your morning up with a delicious bowl of Pho– one of the most famous traditional dishes in Vietnam- including noodles, beeves, special broth and some kind of herbs.

After the typical breakfast of local people with Pho, your cyclo picks you up at the meeting point (the departure time is flexible from 6am-15pm, it’s highly recommended to start this tour in the morning because it’s fresh and comfortable). One cycle can carry one kid and one adult.

During the Cycling tour, your family will go through the maze of ancient streets that makes up Hanoi Old Quarter and visit some famous hotspots in Hanoi like the Temple of literature, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Westlake, etc. It’s a good way to understand “real Hanoi” and take the best photos for your family’s memory.

The exciting cyclo tour for family

The exciting cyclo tour for family

Finishing the 1st half-day in Hanoi with an awesome lunch of specialties like Buncha, Chaca, Bunthang. It’s better to spend a few minutes resting before going to Battrang in the afternoon.

It takes about 20-25 minutes to get Bat Trang ceramic village from a center of Hanoi. Escaping from the bustling city, you refresh in the restful village. Your family not only have a chance to see ceramic products but also make a product by yourself. You are given a rotating table and a tray of clay, of course, shopkeepers guide you how to make a product first, then you are free to design on your own. Shaping cup (pot, bowl) is quite achievable. It takes one hour to dry your product, after that you can use your creativity to decorate with available colors.

You should walk around Bat Trang ceramic market to buy souvenirs like necklaces, bracelets, keychains or other small gifts while your products are being dried.

Visitors are interested in making ceramic products by themselves

Visitors are interested in making ceramic products by themselves

You return to the hotel when the sunset falls. It’s the brilliant idea for your family to take a stroll through the old streets, enjoy some best street food. Interestingly, at the weekend, the streets surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake are gated for pedestrian-friendly streets. Your family can try some folk games or enjoy street music together.

Day 8: Hanoi – Halong Bay

Halong Bay is the wonderful land your family shouldn’t miss in 10 days Vietnam itinerary. The bus will pick you up at hour hotel and transfer to Halong. Fortunately, It takes 1.5 hours now instead of 3.5 hours thanks to recently opened Bach Dang bridge. You will board the cruise, check-in and learn some safety rules before departure.

You could feel absolutely relaxed by lying down on the deck to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunshine while cruising deeper into thousands of limestone mountains.

In the afternoon, you can try some recreation activities like kayaking, swimming (in the condition of good weather). Children can participate in kayaking with parents or an expert guide.

“Dad, Mom, where are we going”

“Dad, Mom, where are we going”

When the sun becomes burning gold and approaches nearer to the sea horizon, there is a nice and warm dinner on board with seafood and “music of waves” served for your family to enjoy together. It’s worth trying at least one time in your family’s life.

Day 9: Returning to Hanoi

You should wake up a bit early to greet very first sunshine on Halong Bay with Tai Chi sessions (like morning exercises). Otherwise, it’s great to take a cup of coffee or tea, then go up to the sun deck and relax on the chair.

Leaving limestone islands behind, you normally disembark at noon and then go back to Hanoi at 5 pm.

Overnight in Hanoi

Day 10: Hanoi- Departure

Your Vietnam private tours are almost over, for the rest of 10 days you can go shopping around or prepare your luggage carefully before leaving the hotel, then go to the airport as scheduled time, say goodbye Vietnam to continue your holiday at next destination.

This itinerary for 10 days of traveling in Vietnam is only for reference, it depends on your own conditions, you can flexibly change to have the best route. For sure whether you are in Ho Chi Minh City, relaxing on Nha Trang’s beach, cruising on Halong or walking on any street in Hanoi, you probably feel how quickly time flies by because you are with your sweet family in such a hospitable country of Vietnam.

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