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Enjoy street food in Hoian

Tofu Hoian

Hoian impresses people with the beauty of ancient, additionally, it also makes people love it because of it delicious street foods. If you have chance to visit Hoian, don’t forget to try all street foods. These are some foods that you must enjoy once when come to Hoian. Travel to Hoian with:  cruise on mekong river

Banh mi Hoian

“Banh mi” is a mouthwatering food that you can easily find in any places of Vietnam. People love it because of its convenience and taste. However, if you want to taste the best “banh mi” of Vietnam, let try Banh mi Hoian. There is a famous store that sell really good “banh mi”, that is “ Banh mi Phuong”. It locates in Phan Chu Chinh street, Hoian. The taste of “Banh mi Phuong” is very fantastic, which has variety of things inside such as: pork floss, pork liver pate, boil shredded chicken, pork belly, ham, cucumber and some herbs as well. The price of a “banh mi” is from 10.000-25.000 VND. There are also other shops that sell “banh mi” such as “Banh mi Khanh” at 115 Tran Cao Van St or “Banh Mi Phi” at 88 Thai Phien St.

Delicious taste of Banh mi Hoian

Delicious taste of Banh mi Hoian -source: internet

Cao lau

Cao lau is the most popular street food in Hoian but some people may not get familiar with the dry and hard noodles. Anyway, you still need to try it once because you will be impressed by the tastes of pork and sauce. The process of cooking Cao Lau is also complicated, people must take the water from a thousand-year-old well in Hoian, then soaking rice in ash water from Cham island, the vegetables to eat with the noodles are taken from Tra Que organic vegetable village. It takes about 20.000-25.000 VND to have a bowl of Cao Lau. These are some famous shops that you can get a delicious Cao lau such as shops of Ms. Ha, stall E035, Hoian central market, Ms. Thanh, 26 Thai Phien St or the first stall in the front of an alley near 69 Phan Chau Trinh St. the jayavarman

Cao Lau- a popular street food in Hoian

Cao Lau- a popular street food in Hoian -source: internet

My Quang (Quang’s noodles)

My Quang is another food that you can not skip when visit Hoian. This is a speciality of Quang An (Hoian belongs to Quang Nam). There are various kinds of My Quang that you can choose, for example Quang’s noodles with chicken, pork, shrimp, quail egg, snakehead fish, beef,…with vegetables and topped with peanuts and rice cracker. The average price of My Quang is about 20.000-25.000 VND and it is available in many street vendors.

My Quang Hoian

My Quang Hoian- source: internet

Tofu Hoian

It can be strange to you to hear about Tofu, however, it is quite popular in Hoian. This kind of street food is consider as a dessert and it is simple but special. Hoian tofu can be served when it’s hot or cold along with some coconut cream, jelly, boiled sugar with water and ginger. With only 10.000 VND, you can get one Tofu and enjoy it. You can easily find it in Le Loi St or Nguyen Thai Hoc St.

Tofu Hoian

Tofu Hoian- source: internet

There are many others kind of street foods in Hoian with really fantastic taste. These are only some most popular ones that I would like to review. When come to Hoian, you can discover other street foods by yourself and I am sure that you will have a memorable experience.

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