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Experience train ride in Cambodia

Royal Railway
After waiting for 14 years, passengers are now able to take trains in Cambodia. There are good reasons why any travelers might like to let the train take the strain although train buffs will need no other excuse to get on board.Even though there are plans in the works for a wide network throughout the country, currently, the train service is limited to only 4 destinations, running to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh via Takeo and Kampot. This first foray into passenger trains runs only in public holidays and on weekends, meeting the demands of domestic travelers for the two most popular Khmer holiday destinations. For get more information, you can click: ho chi minh to phnom penh cruise

Taking the train in Cambodia

Yellow train

Yellow train-source: internetYellow train

The Yellow Train and the Blue Train are the two trains alternating on the tracks. Although the seating set-up is slightly different (front-facing or sideways), both trains are air-conditioned with the same priced tickets. The ride is surprisingly smooth with the newly upholstered padded vinyl seats and air-conditioned carriages. The clean toilet is well provisioned with the ubiquitous Glade air freshener, paper towels and a bum gun.

Announcements are made in Khmer and English by a man in a high-vis jacket with a portable karaoke machine, bringing a personal touch to customer information. Pull-down windows, stencil-punched seat numbers, oscillating ceiling fans and French language plaques will please lovers of retro train chic – lingering suggestions of the original train. Shabbily delightful hangovers from Cambodian history, the train stations are also well worth a second look.

Blue train

Blue train-source: internet

Besides the novelty value, what you see out of the window is the biggest attraction to riding the train in Cambodia. Getting out of Phnom Penh, the train gradually chugs through communities which set up around the tracks when they considered the idea of a reestablished train service as a daydream. You could grab the laundry off the balconies when reaching out a hand. Grandmas perched at a noodle stall watch the passing carriages, kids on doorsteps wave or put their fingers in their ears, vendors wait for the train to pass so they can set up their stalls again. boat ho chi minh to phnom penh

After a half an hour train ride, you can admire a picture postcard view of Cambodia — beautiful wooden stilt houses sheltering under palms, surrounded by enormous paddy fields stretching back to crenelated hills. Either as you have your eyes screwed tightly shut or you are going too fast, this is a perspective you cannot quite get traveling by road!

Reasons to choose the train

Train travels directly

Train travels directly-source: internet

Due to the volume of traffic, it is generally a hassle to get out of Phnom Penh by road at any time of day except very early morning. It is easy to get to Phnom Penh train station, which is centrally located, and the train cuts through the suburbs more quickly than taxis or buses.


Royal Railway

Royal Railway-source: internet

On almost every journey between the capital and the beach, frequent travelers expect to see an accident as the road to Sihanoukville does not have the best record for traffic safety. Depending on what time of day you leave, some journeys to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh can be as much as seven hours by bus. Bicycles and motorbikes can be transported on all trains for a $5 fee, and cars can catch the Blue Train for $14 for those who fancy taking their own transport.

Tickets and Timetable

Experience train ride in Cambodia

Experience train ride in Cambodia- source: internet

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