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Explore Ho Chi Minh city by your way

A corner in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest centers of economics, politics, and culture of Vietnam. So, this destination has become a wonderful choice for any travelers who want to explore the S-shaped country. Ho Chi Minh city has another name is Saigon.

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A corner in Saigon

A corner in Saigon

How to get to Saigon
The bus is a mean of transportation for tourists who want to save money. From Ben Thanh market is located the center, you can get on the bus no. 20 to Nha Be district. You will stop at Binh Khanh ferry terminal. Then, you go on going about 90 minutes. When getting on the bus, you should ask the bus assistant to remind you when to get off.
From the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you move to Tan Thuan bridge which is located in district no. 7.

Then, you turn to Nguyen Van Linh street. After that, you move along Huynh Tan Phat street. Then, you will get to Binh Khanh ferry terminal. After stopping, you move to the center of Can Thanh commune. From where you can see a lot of sign which shows you how to move to your destinations.

Bus in Saigon

Bus in Saigon

The first arrival is monkey island. There are more than 1000 monkeys on this island. They are very intelligent and fearless. However, you need to be alert because they can take your glasses, pocket, bag and so on. In particular, you should not feed them in close distance, it is quite dangerous.

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Also, when getting to the middle of the forest, you will see some huts which are connected to each other by wooden road. This is Rung Sac war zone which was an important base of Vietnamese soldiers in a war against American army in past. Visiting this place is really a great chance for you to understand more about Vietnamese war.

Enjoying seafood in Hang Duong market

Hang Duong is a famous seafood market in Can Gio. The seafood here is very fresh and quite cheap. You can choose fresh seafood here and ask the business to process for you. They will cook quickly and put them into each of the foam boxes. You will sit next to the restaurant and wait for the delicious dish.

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