For first time travelers to Vietnam | Cruise Mekong River

For first time travelers to Vietnam

English is popular in tourist centers

Even though Vietnam is not the easiest destination to discover at first blush, with some notes for first time travelers to Vietnam, you can enjoy Indochina tours Vietnam at its best.


Vietnam dong

Vietnam dong- source: internet

The Vietnamese dong (VND) is the Vietnam’s currency. It is approximately 23,000 VND to US$1. In most tourist centres across the country, international access ATMs can be found. In larger centers US dollars are accepted while is rural area, you will be expected to use dong for cash purchases. Even though credit cards are accepted, they are not accepted in small businesses, especially restaurants.


Transport in Vietnam

Transport in Vietnam- source: internet

With planes, buses and trains covering the entire country comprehensively, Vietnam has a comprehensive public transport system. However, the going is slow, and don’t make the mistake of trying to add too much of Vietnam into your short journey — otherwise you might take the bulk of your time to travel. Both train and bus fares are very reasonable. It is necessary to book as far in advance as humanly possible if you are travelling over Tet.

Vietnamese language

English is popular in tourist centers

English is popular in tourist centers- source: internet

Using a modified Roman script and being tonal, the Vietnamese language is difficult. Since some of the roman letters have very differnet sounds to what they do in English, the script can be really confusing to foreigners. It takes a bit of time to get a good grounding in the language although it is easy to get the baisc such as: hi, thank you, counting, etc. Although in some tourist centers, there are many Vietnamese being able to speak some English, a lot can speak none. In more remote areas, it is difficult to find English speakers.

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Vietnam has two seasons

Vietnam has two seasons- source: internet

Vietnam has two seasons: the hot wet season and the hot dry one. Chances are you can find Vietnam to be very hot — and sweaty if you are from anywhere outside the tropics. Vietnam is significantly affected by three main weather patterns, meaning at the same time of the year, various parts of the country can feature wildly various weather.

Vietnam can be challenging to travel in

Vietnam can be challenging to travel in

Vietnam can be challenging to travel in- source: internet

Compared to its neighbors, Vietnam sees a lower return rate and the scammers are believed to be the root of this problem. You need to know that not all Vietnamese people you happen to meet are out to scam you, but unfortunately some in the tourist industry are. Although it will be a trade off as the remote areas are logistically more difficult to travel in, the further you get off the tourist trail you get, the more scam free the experience is likely to be.

Vietnam is well worth your time

Vietnam is well worth your time

Vietnam is well worth your time- source: internet

Although Vietnam truly is an awesome country, it is more work to travel here than in neighboring countries like Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Have your wits about you, don’t obsess about being ripped off and don’t hesitate to ask for personal recommendations from other travellers. Unfortunately, you can be ripped off, but at some stages or another – that is just a part of amazing experience in Vietnam. On the other side, a huge majority of Vietnamese people are honest, hard working ones who have no interest whatsoever in ripping you off but will more than likely enjoy a few fresh beers and happily chat with you on any street corners. Don’t let the scammers get to you, just relax and you will excitedly enjoy it.


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