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Free Wifi hotspots make Hanoi tour more amazing

The Tortoise Tower

As Hanoi prepares to launch its free public Wi-Fi service in the area, twenty-one hotspots are being installed around Hoan Kiem Lake. On their trip to this lake – one of the most famous tourist sites in Hanoi, travelers can be able to roam using the free wireless Internet access hotspots. However, to keep on using the service, users will have to log in again after every 30 minutes. Let’s explore Hanoi with Vietnam travel tours

Where you can find free wifi in Hanoi

13 spots providing free wifi in Hanoi are divided into 3 main sections: hospital area and public places including Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake area.

The quality of free wifi signal in Hanoi

Hanoi has to offer free wifi city-wide

Hanoi has to offer free wifi city-wide -source: internet

It is said that the free wifi signal in Hanoi is pretty strong with the average and stable speed of 20 – 50 Mbps (Upload/Download). However, in the peak hours, when too many people using wifi, the signal will weaken and users have to get access to the closest transmitter to have the strongest signal.

How to connect free wireless Internet access signal in Hanoi

  • Step 1: Select Free S-wifi
  • Step 2: Open browser and enter any pages or links
  • Step 3: Select the banner “Click Internet” or follow the instructions
  • Step 4: You’ve successfully got access to Internet

Hanoi has been all set to install free public wireless Internet access (wifi) hot spots in many street corners and outdoor spaces – city-wide to boost tourism, for local citizens to look up traffic information and to create such a smart city transport system. The free wi-fi internet access is expected to make it much easier for Hanoians and travelers as well to navigate around this heavily congested city. Thanks to free wifi, tourists can be online, post status, upload photos on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. during their tours in Hanoi making it possible for them to keep in touch with their family and friends all the time.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake -source: internet

Earlier in 2010, when Hanoi celebrated its 1000th birthday, this city first raised the idea of free WiFi service. Back then the proposal of installing free wi-fi hot spots around Hoan Kiem Lake at the center of the city was rejected. In the latest attempt, Transerco – the largest bus operator in Hanoi has planned to install free wireless Internet transmitters on its 200 buses.

Hanoi is not the only city to install free wi-fi coverage. Tourism hubs including Haiphong and Halong in the north; Ho Chi Minh City in the south; Hue, Danang and Hoian in the central region have been wireless since 2012.

Where to go for free wifi in Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake, whose name means Lake of the returned Sword, sees its best, stirring to life in the morning when tai chi enthusiasts, joggers and walkers limber up in the half-light. In this crowded city, space is at a premium, and the strip of park of this lake meets various needs, at its busiest when couples seeking twilight privacy on benches half-hidden among the willows; old men playing chess in the evenings and lunch-hour hawkers are out in force. The lake itself is not large – it is possible to walk round this lake in only half an hour – and not especially magnificent, but Hanoians consider this lake as their city’s soul. north Vietnam travel tours

Making a quick circuit of the lake, a pleasant walk at any time of year and amazing when the flame trees flower in June and July is a good way to get your bearings in Hanoi.

Statue of King Ly Thai To

Statue of King Ly Thai To

Statue of King Ly Thai To- source: internet

If going south along Hoan Kiem’s eastern side, you will get to an imperious statue of King Ly Thai To – Hanoi’s founding father that was erected in 2004 in excitement of celebrations to mark the millennium of Hanoi in 2010. At dusk, the stretch of polished stone which pave around it creates an incongruous venue for this capital’s small but keen break-dancer band.

The Tortoise Tower

The Tortoise Tower

The Tortoise Tower – source: internet

With its reflection shimmering in the lake, Thap Rua or the Tortoise Tower – a squat, three-tiered pavilion, which is illuminated after dark and ornaments a tiny island at the southern end of Hoan Kiem Lake, is another of Hanoi’s most prevalent icons.

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