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Ho Chi Minh City in December

Festive atmosphere

Not only being the first month of dry season, December is also considered as the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. This southern metropolis is still soaking in warm sunshine while the Northern Vietnam is experiencing the coldness of winter. During this month, special events to celebrate Western holidays and upcoming traditional Tet holiday add more excitement to the delightful Saigon. jahan mekong cruise

In December, Saigon expects warm sunshine

In December, Saigon expects warm sunshine -source: internet

In general, in December, Ho Chi Minh City expects warm weather with temperature ranging from 22 to 33 degree Celsius. The lower humidity at 77% (4% less than humidity in November) makes weather in December more pleasant than it of the last month although there is no significant change in terms of temperature. Leaving the freezing coldness in the homeland and visiting Ho Chi Minh City at this time to taste a “warm winter” in the tropics would be a great experience for Western tourists, especially those coming from Scandinavia.

Beautiful day in Saigon

Beautiful day in Saigon -source: internet

Although all year around, Ho Chi Minh is blessed with a pleasant climate, it does not mean that on planning your trip, you should not take the two distinct seasons into account. Since according to the time of year, humidity varies, the rain is only part of the consideration and this has a bearing on how sticky your experience in this charming city will be.

Key highlights in Ho Chi Minh

  • March to May: reaching as high as 39°C (102°F), temperatures are at their hottest
  • December to April: the Dry Season, it is dry, hot and low humidity
  • December: in the early morning, temperatures can reach as low as 16°C (61°F)

Dry Season – December to April

December is considered as the best time to visit Saigon

December is considered as the best time to visit Saigon -source: internet

The dry season, which runs roughly from December to April, is commonly believed as the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. Although the temperatures in the early morning in December can get down as low as 16°C (61°F), during the day, it is comfortably warm for a Westerner. Little rain, warm sunshine together with exciting festive atmosphere, make December one of the best months to explore the Southern metropolis of Vietnam.

Travel Tips for Ho Chi Minh City in December

Festive atmosphere

Festive atmosphere -source: internet

Travelers will definitely get to experience Christmas and New Year is visiting Saigon in late December. Christmas is celebrated in Vietnam although it is primarily a Buddhist country. It is no surprise to see plenty of sales on and decorations up in the shops. Indochina bike tours

However, you should remember that accommodation will be more expensive and a lot of shops and restaurants will be closed as Tet – Vietnam’s Lunar New Year celebration, falling between late January and the middle of February. However, if you have a decent budget then it is still well worth visiting Saigon at this exciting time to experience the Tet festivities.

Ho Chi Minh City in December

Ho Chi Minh City in December -source: internet

For any foreign tourists who want to celebrate the New Year, Saigon, the most modern and liveliest city in Vietnam may be a perfect place. Travelers still can feel the festivity of Christmas and New Year’s Eve filled on the streets though Catholicism and Christianity are not dominant religion in the city. Many large-scale shopping centers, luxurious restaurants and high-star hotels decorate in Christmas theme and offer a number of great deals while streets are lit up and even lined up with pine trees. It is a great idea to appreciate wonderful firework, dine on the roof-top restaurant of a high-star hotel (Sheraton Saigon, Rex, Caravelle, etc), walk in the downtown to enjoy Christmas atmosphere with the locals, or visit the Notre Dame Cathedral.

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