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Hoi An’s morning fish market

All people in fish market are busy with their work

Situated on the Thu Bon River, behind the main market area, Hoi An fish market is worthwhile your effort to wake up early. This place is a real photographer delight when the fishing boats arrive and the locals start their activities. Like most markets in Asia, around 6 – 7am each morning, when the market is at its busiest, is the best time to visit. Vietnam tour packages

Hoi An morning fish market

Hoi An morning fish market -source: internet

The morning fish market in Hoi An, which is not only a trading place but also a place to explore the daily of locals, is a very special feature that you should not miss if you can wake up early. After a hard night heading out to sea for fish, all of the fishing boats head back to the town in the very early morning. In the early morning, hundreds of people rush to this wholesale market for the best buys of the day in Hoi An, which is very famous for the best fish in this area.

No one cares about your appearance there as all people in the market are always in a hurry and concentrated on their own business. Come here around 6 AM and be a part of this dynamic place is the best way to visit the fish market. Just walk into the exciting crowd and happily mingle with them. No one is offended although you may have to push someone to move ahead or you may even be pushed. Just go with the flow as it is the way things work in the market.

Fish market is full of smells

Fish market is full of smells -source: internet

At the waterfront, where travelers can watch all the busy activities of people buying and loading fish from the boats, is one of the beautiful spots of the market. Everyone tries their best to get the best deal of the day in the very noisy, crowded and hurried pace. Travelers can definitely see different stalls for selling different kinds of fish while wandering around Hoi An fish market. When conducting their business, some people push and shout but not in an offensive way. Here, it is likely a very usual thing.

One next to the other, the boats anchor looks like a big floating market linked with the shore. Not only having a chance to enjoy watching the motorbikes taking fish to retail markets during the day, good spots for good pictures are waiting for you everywhere. mekong delta cruise

All people in fish market are busy with their work

All people in fish market are busy with their work -source: internet

Arriving early and down at the riverside wet market, you can witness some hectic wheeling and dealing of seafood. While teeming with market-goers, predominantly women, who clamber to score the best and most affordable mollusks, shellfish and fish to peddle at their tiny market stands, the air is really thick with the smells of fish. Conical hats are everywhere in the lively market: the ugly, the bad and the good.

Fish market is where you can explore the daily life of Hoi An

Fish market is where you can explore the daily life of Hoi An -source: internet

It is full of smells, colors, sounds and sights. Everybody is busy doing something: getting on and off the boat, hanging around, selling and buying goods. It is likely a maintained industry and these familiar scenes should have been repeated throughout several centuries, and the market is already at full swing by the time the sun is up.

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