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Hoian cooking class – Paradise of culinary enthusiasm

A cooking class for visitors in Hoian

Traveled by many Western tour operators to visit the Asian country often associated with unique culinary activities, especially the dinner with specialties of each country, but the most attractive activity for travelers is joining a cooking classes, guided by local people. Tourists will have the opportunity to go to market, buying raw and fresh ingredients, spices and then cooking the dish, it is a great experience for tourists discovering the local cuisine.

The Hoian cooking class has many forms, it can be an open class at a restaurant, hotel in the city of Hoian for a few hours, or also extended from morning to mid-night in such villages, like Tra Que, Hoian silk village, in the family or in Cam Thanh commune.

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A tranquil Hoian in summer day

A tranquil Hoian in summer day- source: internet

Depending on the tour, many localities in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city organize cooking class for guests, but Hoian is still the highest ranking for several reasons: The charming scene of the ancient town of Hoian with the cooking class is held in the quiet garden or in the ancient house; the unique local specialties with typical dishes of Vietnamese cuisine, such as pho, bun bo…


Tourists are making the ingredients in a cooking class

Tourists are making the ingredients in a cooking class -source: internet

Especially, participants are instructed to Hoian market, buying fresh ingredients for cooking, and experiencing the skill of the chef.

What to do

The first job to start the cooking program is going to market. With the pre-designed dishes, guests will choose what to cook with available food to choose, like meat, fish, noodles, vegetables, spices to as lemon, garlic, chili …, which are fully listed. The first experience with the traveling public are selected handedly, tourists will enjoy the delicious flavor of fresh food, tasty and not frozen products or packaged neatly in supermarkets as in land their country and are taught how to guides “bargain” as the people here to get the best price and still be easy to purchase and sell.

Tourists experience “bargain” when buying food in Hoian

Tourists experience “bargain” when buying food in Hoian -source: internet
In order to chose the suitable Hoian cooking class, there are many places in this ancient city: The Morning Glory Restaurant (106 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street), where tourists learn variety street food of Hoian, especially the secrets to made famous “Banh xeo” dish; the Red Bridge Restaurant (in hamlet 4, Cam Thanh commune) and Green Bamboo Restaurant (Truong Minh Hung street, Cam An Ward), where visitors are instructed by Mrs. Van and her family members.

Tourists can also experience to plant herbal in the rural style and massaged by it.

A cooking class for visitors in Hoian

A cooking class for visitors in Hoian- source: internet

Visitors also can enroll in half-day cooking tour Taste of Hoi An (109 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street), organized by Neville Dean, an Australian who had come to live with his wife in Hoian few years ago. This cooking tour attracted numerous visitors from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands.

Apart from these places of cooking class, tourists can feel free to participate in other courses in hotels with professional chef. Some places to note in your list:

Hoi An Historic hotel.

The schedule will provide specific information: Go to the market, buy the ingredient and practice with experienced chef. Most of the dishes are significant food in Hoi An and Vietnam, like salad, spring roll, grilled fish, and even, vegetarian food.

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Hoi An beach resort.

Starting your day with exciting activities on boat along the De Vong River or cycling to Hoi An Market. The chef will introduce you the raw ingredients and food processing. Technical instruction will be followed in this class.

Delicious dishes of a cooking class

Delicious dishes of a cooking class -source: internet

Except from cooking class in the hotel, Hoi An Beach resort will bring a new experience for tourists with the course on boat. The cuisine in this class will be more variety, with stewed meat, seafood, curry dish.

It was no coincidence that in 2012, Lonely Planet rated cookery programs in Hoian top 10 travel experiences in the world. They are not only bringing a unique local product, but also providing tourists experiences through space, every process of doing dishes and enjoy food of the Center cuisine.

Foreign friends with enthusiasm in Vietnamese food

Foreign friends with enthusiasm in Vietnamese food – source: internet
The tours are sold online or through the introduction of hotels in Hoian, tourists can easy buy it. Have a good trip!

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