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Hu Tieu My Tho

Come to My Tho for tasting Hu Tieu

There are many kinds of Hu Tieu: Hu Tieu Nam Vang (Cambodia noodle soup), Hu Tieu Tau (Chinese noodle soup), Hu Tieu My Tho (My Tho noodle soup) but Hu Tieu My Tho deserves to be one of the cuisine symbols of the West area.

Back in the 1960s, a shop in My Tho, 70 km from Ho Chi Minh City started serving this dish. Ever since then, its reputation has grown to become a very well known meal in Vietnam. It is said that the most delicious noodle soup is made with Co Cat rice, from the most famous rice growing area of My Phong village, a suburb of My Tho City. Read more: Mekong tours

Come to My Tho for tasting Hu Tieu

Come to My Tho for tasting Hu Tieu

My Tho seafood noodle soup is different from Chinese noodle soup, Nam Vang soup, as well as Hue beef noodle soup. The intersting thing is its secret recipe. In stead of herbs and lettuce, you will be tried the flavour of soy bean, lemon, chili, and soy sauce.
The main ingredients of Hu Tieu My Tho are meat, pig’s intestine, pig liver, sliced barbecue pork, dried shrimp, noodles and broth but the feature to distinguish Hu Tieu My Tho from Hu Tieu Nam Vang, Hu Tieu Tau or Pho is its accompanying elements. Instead of using lettuce, basil or other kinds of raw accompanying vegetables, people enjoy Hu Tieu often eat the noodles with bean sprouts, lemon, chili and soya sauce. Rice to make noodles must be from Go Cat – a famous rice growing area in My Phong commune, outskirt of My Tho, Tien Giang. Read more: Mango cruise
To make a delicious bowl of Hu Tieu, the key lies in the broth whose richness comes from pig bones, boneless pork and dried cuttlefish and some other seasonings but how to adjust these elements to suit customers’ taste is secret of each cook. A delicious bowl of Hu Tieu also depends on noodles which is necessarily dry and afterward dipped in hot water and applied fat to be clear and eye-catching.
Hu Tieu My Tho becomes a symbol of abundant cuisine in the south of Vietnam and reminds tourists of an affluent and friendly area.

Hu Tieu (My Tho noodle soup) is a traditional dish, so specific to Southern Vietnam. As a Chinese long-aged dish, this food was reciped to taste My Tho delta people to become well-known nationwide.

How does it taste?

The sweet aroma of the broth comes from the meat, dried squid, and special condiments. Not less important is the broth to cook from shinbone, pork, squids, additives and seasonings to taste subject to family secret as revealed by Chef Ba Chau to a well-selling shop in Trung Trac Street, My Tho City.

Taken as a national dish and something to recollect the delta land of My Tho, this noodle soup reciped in the Southern cuisine is second to none in meeting with various appetites of both oriental and western diners.

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