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Khmer cuisine

Ka tieu

Although sharing many similaritieswith that of itsneighboring countries including Thailand and Vietnam, Khmer cuisine is regarded as one of the most stunning and unique cuisines in the Southeast Asia. Indochina travel Cambodia

Ka tieu

Ka tieu – source:

Mainly using fish sauce in dippings, Cambodian cuisine alsomakes use of fish sauce in soups and stir-fried dishes. The Chinese legacy of stir frying dishes can be significant in the use of many variations of rice noodles; while curry dishes known as kari thatwere borrowed from the Indiansis cooked with dried spices containing of star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and fennel and has given a unique Cambodian twist with the harmony of distinctive local ingredients like lemongrass, garlic, kaffir lime leaves, shallots and galangal. Simply known ka tieu, pork broth rice noodle soupis one of the most popular dishes in Cambodia. The Khmer version of the Vietnamese Bánh xèo, banh chao is also famous in Cambodian cuisine. Travel to Cambodia

Prahok – popular fermented fish paste in Cambodian cuisine

Prahok – popular fermented fish paste in Cambodian cuisine – source:

Well known for the use of prahok, a type of fermented fish paste, Cambodian cuisine offers a wide range of dishes employ this paste as a distinctive flavoring. When not using prahok, they will use kapǐ, a type of fermented shrimp paste. Coconut milk is the ingredient appearing in almost Khmer curries and desserts. In Cambodia there is always sticky or glutinous rice and aromatic rice. The dessert dishes with fruits including durian often employs the latter.A bowl of hot rice and more than three or four seperate dishes are always served in all traditional Cambodian meals. All chili-added dishes are incorporated to give eaters the harmonious taste of sour, sweet, salty or bitter. As a result, Cambodians promise that they will get a little bit of every flavor to please their palates.

Kampot Pepper Crab

Kampot Pepper Crab – source:

On the other hand, based on some regions of different ethnics, Cambodian cuisine has also become unique. Once coming to Cambodia, tourists should not miss a chance to Kampot Pepper Crab and Kdab Cha Mrin Kyai which are really famous in Kampot and Kep. According to its name Kampot Pepper crab, this stunning cuisine is mainly cooked with the high standard crab fried with the pepper from local pepper field. Travelers can also have a chance to enjoy many delicous Vietnamese dishesincluding Bánh tráng which is very popular in the southern Cambodia but just few people from Central have ever eaten this dish. You can also expect to come to the area between Siem Reap and Kampong Thom, a village full of Chinese and Cambodian. A lot of delicious dishes from China in Khmer version explored for the guest in family as well as its urban restaurants.

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