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Mouthwatering dishes in Can Tho

tet cake
Not only being famous for vast paddy fields and huge expanses of water, Can Tho also attracts a great number of tourists for its wide range of mouthwatering food. Used in Can Tho’s specialty dishes are ingredients locally produced such as the sticky rice, and typically, many dishes are followed up with locally grown fresh vegetables.
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  1. Tet cake
tet cake

Tet cake- source: internet

To enjoy the most delicious Tet cake, you have to eat the one made by Huynh family in Binh Thuy, Can Tho. It is by cooking “cam” leaves to get purple water mixed with sticky rice and pork, salted duck eggs and coconut milk that makes this Tet cake more unique. They have to spend four to five hours cooking Tet cake. If you want to try this specialty, visit Mit Nai, An Thoi and Xuan Khanh markets to purchase as gift.

  1. Cai Rang roasted spring roll
Cai Rang roasted spring roll

Cai Rang roasted spring roll- source: internet

Even though spring rolls dishes are popular everywhere in Vietnam, each region has its own spring roll dishes with unique flavor associated with local land and human. Made of fresh pork, Cai Rang spring roll is then grilled on hot coals. Like other dishes, the South likes bay leaves rolling trang cake. Cai Rang spring roll should be served together with bay leaves, pineapple, cucumber, banana and starfruit. When visiting Can Tho, you should not miss this specialty with slim rice paper roll and lemon garlic sauce with peppers or sweet bean paste. south vietnam tours packages

  1. Cong Cake
Cong Cake

Cong Cake- source: internet

Once trying Cong cake, which is popular, cheap and delicious, you will experience unforgettable flavor and taste. Locals in Can Tho often have this dish as an extra meal in the late afternoon. Flour, green bean and shrimp are the main ingredients. Preparation process includes some steps. Well cooked but green bean is not broken. Minced pork is fried with green bean. Finally, they add into it a little seasoning and salt. Cong cake should be served with sour and sweet sauce, mustard, mango slices, lettuce and basil. Crisp of flour, sweetness of shrimp, fragrance of rice and vegetables, fat of bean and morish sauce, light bitter of brassica juncea will bring revelers an awesome gastronomic experience.

They use rice planted in the delta to make Cong. After being stirred with warm water for around 20 minutes, the rice flour will be added to pork, potatoes and green beans together with fried onion and spices. Then, shrimp is put in the mix with flour and then it is soaked in oil and fried until it turns into golden brown.

When fragrant and crispy, the cake is at its best tasty flavor. When enjoying the cake with brassica juncea together with several kinds of aromatic vegetables, diners will definitely have a mouthwatering dish. Fish sauce mixed with sugar, lemon, garlic and chili can complete the delectability of the dish. In Can Tho, you can enjoy Cong Cake along Ly Tu Trong, Nguyen Trai and De Tham streets.

  1. Phong Dien Hoi cake – roasted pork
Hoi cake-roasted pork

Hoi cake-roasted pork- source: internet

If you have a chance to visit Phong Dien, Can Tho in a day trip tour to be a farmer gardening, harvesting vegetables, fishing and boating visit to Minh Canh garden house to enjoy Hoi cake with roasted pork is well worth your time. Made of rice flour, Hoi cake is eaten with roast pork, bay leaves and indispensible sweet, sour and spicy sauce.

  1. Rice Spaghetti with Pork skin (Bánh tằm bì):
Rice Spaghetti with Pork skin

Rice Spaghetti with Pork skin- source: internet

Not only being very popular in the South of Vietnam, this recipe is also undoubtedly well deserved to be on the list of the best Vietnamese Food. The rice spaghetti is steamed and enjoyed with coconut milk, clear fish sauce, bean sprouts, vegetables and pickled vegetable making its taste special. A little bit of stir fried spring onions with fat (called Mỡ hành) would be an enchanted accompaniment.

  1. Apple Mangrove Hot Pot in Phu Sa (Lẩu bần Phù Sa):
Apple Mangrove Hot Pot in Phu SaApple Mangrove Hot Pot in Phu Sa

Apple Mangrove Hot Pot in Phu Sa- source: internet

As the local restaurants there know how to extract the juice from the Apple Mangrove, this dish can be served at any seasons even when its season has not arrived yet. If you desire to have a really delicious hot pot, the fish should be selected carefully also but depending on the season, you can be flexible to substitute the fish with many kinds such as: Taiwan tilapia, eeltail catfish, shark catfish, etc.

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